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By BrentMcKee
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getting rid of some more work, trying to make room

i did some test pages for DC recently batman arkham knight, didn't work out with my current situation but hopefully i can disclose soon what I've been working on. until then, I'm putting these sample pages up for sale.
Batman Arkham Knight pg 3 sample by BrentMcKee
all 3 pencilled pages for $60.00 

also, I'm selling the last remaining 4 pages of my first published comic work -  Image comics Noble Causes extended family pages 4-7 ….these were written by GEOFF JOHNS before he signed exclusive with DC!! He also created the character shown, Lightning Rod - not sure if he's been used since. and i was pretty new to inking back then, very clunky and heavy handed 

noble causes pg 4 by BrentMcKee  noble causes pg 5 by BrentMcKee  noble causes pg 6 by BrentMcKee  noble causes pg 7 by BrentMcKee
all 4 pages for $100.00 

also have 30 3"x5" sketch cards left, i will sale all 30 for $50.00 there are cards of DC,Marvel, dark horse, harry potter, and more

add $5.00 for shipping inside US, and $10.00 outside us

if interested contact me through EMAIL -
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If you continue to not answer your e-mails it might get a little hard to get rid of your pages... haven't heard from you about the Bowery Boys cover yet.
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I've re-looked through my email, sorry i haven't seen the one you sent or it got lost in the shuffle - I'm truly sorry i didn't get back to you - bowery was sold though - i do have all 60 some pages i did  for bowery if you want any of those

really sorry, I've been really busy the last 6 months or so
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Would've been interested in the cover... so I'm sorry too!