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Anyone interested contact my email
Brentdavidmckee@gmail.comNorgal headlopper for sale by BrentMcKee
$35.00 plus shipping
Contact my email anyone interested

Brentdavidmckee@gmail.comFor sale   Super girl and atom by BrentMcKee
Anyone interested contact my email

Brentdavidmckee@gmail.comSelling this for the holidays  by BrentMcKee
Batman/ poison ivy as well as batman/bane for sale (first come basis)
Contact me at -
Brentdavidmckee@gmail.comThese two for sale by BrentMcKee
Selling 11"x 17" pen and ink poison ivy/batman

If interested contact me at-

BrentFor sale by BrentMcKee
Selling the batman scarecrow piece I just added to my gallery - if interested, contact me at -

brentdavidmckee@gmail.comFor sale by BrentMcKee
Selling my unused Boy1 cover as well as the Daft Punk piece - both just submitted to my gallery.

Contact my email if interested -

table A320

i will be attending the BCC at the end of this month sept. 25-27, I'm sharing a table with Cory Levine(my friend and writer of our book "the Bowery Boys from Dark Horse comics that came out in Aug.) we will have copies to sign, and maybe do a sketch inside!

i'll have prints and books  with me - my Shrinking Man cover for IDW has a sketch back cover if anyone is interested in a sketch hit me up - i have a limited number of these! 

hope to see some of you there!

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hey i'll be attending the Baltimore comic-con this september - visiting my folks and hitting the show!

i'll post my table # as soon as i find out, i'm sharing a table with my friend Cory Levine (writer of Bowery Boys) come by and get some good stuff - 

also, i am opening 10 spots for pre-show commissions for now. anyone interested send me an email ( - i am also including one of my prints (your choice) in this deal

i've got some other cool projects that i can't announce right now, but i will have with me at the show with me as well

hope to see you at the show!!!
selling my Hellboy/vlad  - $60.00  for shipping add $5.00 for U.S. or $10.00 outside of U.S. 


Mature Content

Hellboy-vlad by BrentMcKee
getting rid of some more work, trying to make room

i did some test pages for DC recently batman arkham knight, didn't work out with my current situation but hopefully i can disclose soon what I've been working on. until then, I'm putting these sample pages up for sale.
Batman Arkham Knight pg 3 sample by BrentMcKee
all 3 pencilled pages for $60.00 

also, I'm selling the last remaining 4 pages of my first published comic work -  Image comics Noble Causes extended family pages 4-7 ….these were written by GEOFF JOHNS before he signed exclusive with DC!! He also created the character shown, Lightning Rod - not sure if he's been used since. and i was pretty new to inking back then, very clunky and heavy handed 

noble causes pg 4 by BrentMcKee  noble causes pg 5 by BrentMcKee  noble causes pg 6 by BrentMcKee  noble causes pg 7 by BrentMcKee
all 4 pages for $100.00 

also have 30 3"x5" sketch cards left, i will sale all 30 for $50.00 there are cards of DC,Marvel, dark horse, harry potter, and more

add $5.00 for shipping inside US, and $10.00 outside us

if interested contact me through EMAIL -
trying to make space, putting these up for sale

Alabaster from dark horse by BrentMcKee
 Alabaster from Dark Horse - 11"x17" - $35.00

The Bowery Boys by BrentMcKee
my cover for "the Bowery Boys", comes out in aug. this year - 11"x17" - $50.00

also selling my 10 page western "the Glass Tartula" - heres page 1, all ten pages $100.00 - thats $10 a piece!!
add $5.00 shipping U.S. and $10.00 outside U.S.


I have some time opening up soon and can take on 3 commissions.

Contact my email -

Open to the first 3 that contact me there

John Carter of mars by BrentMcKee  Red Sonja ink sketch by BrentMcKee  Velma and Scooby by BrentMcKee  supergirl by BrentMcKee 
$25 a piece with $5 shipping in U.S. or $10 shipping outside U.S.
or $100 for all 4 plus a surprise batgirl piece included free

also still have these for sale - and one of them will be published soon at one of the larger independent companies!
The Dead issue 6 Cover by BrentMcKee  Drones Tpb Cover by BrentMcKee  Dealbreaker cover by BrentMcKee 

$50 a piece  with $5 shipping in U.S. or $10 shipping outside U.S.
or $120 for all 3 with a surprise piece included

contact me through a note here on deviant or through my email -

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The Dead issue 6 Cover by BrentMcKee   Drones Tpb Cover by BrentMcKee   Dealbreaker cover by BrentMcKee    Revenant Promo  by BrentMcKee   Super-ego Pinup by BrentMcKee

some of these are published and some are from projects i was attached to at one time

selling these for $50.00 a piece, or all 5 for $200.00

please add $10 shipping in U.S.
or $20 shipping outside of U.S.

trying to get some cash for some upcoming conventions - ill post later which ones im attending.

also anyone still waiting for commissions, they are either on their way or being shipped this week

note me here or reach me at my email -

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Selling some pages,

My "outlaw territory vol. 3" pages - all 10 for $200

Outlaw is up for the 2014 Eisner award for anthologies

Shipping in U.S. $15
Outside U.S. $25

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hey, just found out "Outlaw Territory" vol. 3 was nominated for an Eisner award! Congrats to all the rest of the guys that contributed to the book, feels good to be part of something that was nominated, win or lose.

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UPDATE!  In an effort to spark some additional excitement for a successful campaign, we've decided to reveal our list of (potential) pinup artists up front.  What's the point in keeping such juicy value covered in mystery? None, there is no point in that.  So without further ado, here's the list of those who have been kind enough to say yes so far, in no particular order:

  • Brent McKee ("Outlaw Territory", "Noble Causes")
  • Kizer Stone (Animation storyboards for Film Roman and WB)
  • Michael O'Hare ("Birds of Prey", "Hawken:Melee")
  • Bengal ("Naja", "Meka")
  • Gary Erskine ("City of Silence", Madefire's "The Irons")
  • Lucas Marangon ("Star Wars: Tag & Bink", "RIPD")
  • Edgar Delgado ("Spider-man", "Ultraduck")
  • Sanford Greene ("Ame-comi Batgirl", "DHP: Rotten Apple")
  • Chandra Free ("The God Machine", "Conspiracy of the Planet of the Apes")
  • Joyce Chin ("Superman", "Tomorrow Stories")
  • Matthew Dow Smith ("Doctor Who", "Lobster Johnson")
  • Jim Mahfood ("Tank Girl", "Stupid Comics")
  • Tony Shasteen ("25 to Life", "Batman: Arkham Unhinged")
  • Jeff Stokely ("Six-gun Gorilla", "The Reason for Dragons") 

this Kickstarter has some badass artists doing some pin-ups, here are a few that are on deviant - Sanford Greene :icongreenestreet: Jim Mahfood :iconjimmahfood-foodone: Coran "Kizer" Stone :iconcorankizerstone: Jeff Stokely :iconjeffstokely: 

pledge what you can if you can! heres the link - 

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Sorry guys, I have to close commissions right now...too much going on!

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really had a great time at Tricon this year, met alot of really cool people. we still have some prints for "Abandoned Earth" if anyone interested in having one they are $10.00 contact me here with a note or at my email -

anything we make off these prints goes into getting the book published - kickstarter coming soon!

Abandoned Earth promo colored by BrentMcKee

this was colored by Rex Lokus  :iconrexlokus:- he did AWESOME, we hoped it would come out half this good! thanks Rex!!
written by : Matthew Elswick
drawn by : me
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