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wonderwoman reflection

heres the completed picture and again this picture stems from pure jealousy, my friend Drew :icondrewjohnson: did a picture of WW awhile back and i was fascinated with the way he drew the backs of her knees. i also used this piece to work on some other things like hands, her back, reflections in mirrors. i'm happy with how most of it came out.

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It's a great work! :)
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classic, sexy, hot
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Nu fan! Good job sir!
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Her butt looks amazing! How do you ink your drawing?
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with a brush and india ink, thanks!
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2 fuggin coo!
reminds of one of my favoritist artists: tony salmons...
inspiring shiznit yo!
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salmons is awesome, thanks dude!
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Damn. Va-va-voom.

One of my favorite things out of the whole of this is all the wonderful little portraits on the wall.
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I first saw this excellent pic a few weeks back. Fantastic anatomy, perfectly proportioned with a great sense of muscle structure. Very sexy, but you managed to make the picture avoid gratuitous fanservice because of the "everydayness" of the setting. She's not posing, that's just the way "the camera" caught her at that moment. And I love the little touches of humour in the background.
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thank you, i was hoping it would come off as a natural pose and i was happy with how most of this piece came out. thanks again,

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Very nice! DC could use this for a cover.
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