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born on a monday

By BrentMcKee
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heres the final inked version of this, been working on this inbetween other projects. anyway i like the way this came out, and had alot of fun working on it.

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I really dig this. A question for you: What would you attribute your sense of movement to? I oft struggle with portraying truly dynamic actions in my art.
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Don't be afraid to exaggerate the human form - most (again most, not all) artists I've seen that do action very well, are more exaggerated with they're gestures. I can only recommend "practice "..... Lots of it, and aspire to learn from you (artistic) heroes without copying them..... That's what I'm doing, well, trying.
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Ah! I especially notice that exaggeration during intense action sequences in several animes. Characters that go slightly "off model" in service of the moment.
I hear you on the importance of practice, and will also work on my discipline a little more. 

Thank you so much for the words of advice.
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it's mean rough punch!in bahasa java.:)
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 i don't  know what that means.
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This is dope. Has a great sense of motion and energy.
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This is really awesome, Brent!
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I love the whole. Damn. Thing. That's all I have to say.
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Awesome! Such a great sense of action and movement in the whole piece. Nice lighting too.
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Great work on this one.
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Really love this piece!

Hope you don't mind but I took a swipe at coloring it :)
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thanks, and i dont mind at all.
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Man that is awesome.
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