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Urban Manhunt

Fastlane Pin-Up for Spectrum's 'Urban Manhunt' RPG


LeBron James

LeBron James by Brent Sprecher


Neil Gaiman

NEIL GAIMAN Tribute Cover for Bluewater Comics


Amy Winehouse

Bluewater Comics Tribute to AMY WINEHOUSE Cover A


Captain America

Captain America: Freedom is Not Free

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The MCU Minions Most Deserving of Beatdowns

The MCU Minions Most Deserving of Beatdowns

Thanos was unquestionably the single most powerful and dangerous threat the Marvel Cinematic Universe had ever seen once he acquired all six of the Infinity Stones. But he didn't rise to power all on his own; he did it on the backs of a massive army of drones, soldiers, and henchmen. And Thanos is only one of the many corrupt businessmen, genocidal robots, religious zealots, and ancient kings to be propped up by throngs of nameless, faceless minions. The MCU seems to be overflowing with morally impaired, mindless, or straight-up evil minions for the bad guys to rally to their causes, pay off, or force into servitude. Who are these swarming monsters, faceless goons, and evil organizations, and what do they want? And why are they willing to serve as cannon fodder against the likes of S.H.I.E.L.D., the Avengers, or the Guardians of the Galaxy? You'll find the answers below in our list of the MCU minions most in in need of a good beatdown. Head over to Ranker to vote up the minions

Movies: 12 Gnarly People-To-Animal Transformations

Movies: 12 Gnarly People-To-Animal Transformations

To say that we have a fascination with therianthropy, or shape-shifting, is a colossal understatement: The first depiction of a human transforming into an animal dates back 15,000 years to a Paleolithic pictograph found on the wall of a cave in France. There's something about the idea of a human taking on animal-like features and abilities that we find both attractive and repulsive, yet nonetheless fascinating. Our need to tell transformation horror stories has inspired myths, legends, classic literature, and motion pictures, whose talented directors, cinematographers, and special effects artists work together to bring to life on screen the transmogrification of the flesh in all its terrifying glory. In this list, we've gathered the creepiest, goriest, most grotesque people-to-animal transformations in movies that do not involve that old standby of anamorphism, the werewolf (or his spiritual cousin, the dogman). The transformations were created primarily before CGI technology through

'Wizards' is a Trippy, Brilliant Fantasy Epic

'Wizards' is a Trippy, Brilliant Fantasy Epic

It has never been easier to be a fan of animation, and there are now animated series and movies for just about every age group, genre, and interest you can imagine - but it wasn't always this way. For more than three decades, the Hays Code and its moral guidelines all but eliminated adult content from mainstream animation, giving rise to the notion that animation was an art form limited to family entertainment. It took the courage of pioneering visionaries like Ralph Bakshi to push the envelope of what animation could accomplish and the types of stories it could tell. Bakshi put his commercial career on the line to write, direct, and produce animated stories with adult themes and messages, tackling previously taboo topics like combat, social injustice, sexuality, and drug use in a series of "urban films" before turning to the fantasy genre with Wizards in 1977. Opened only in limited release in theaters, the movie was nonetheless a financial success and has since become a cult

Ode to Venture Bros.

The Venture Bros. 1: Brock
The Venture Bros. 2: Molotov

Lightweight Series

LIGHTWEIGHT: BEYOND Cover for Metahuman Press
LIGHTWEIGHT #2 Cover for Metahuman Press
LIGHTWEIGHT #1 Cover for Metahuman Press

Capes, Cowls & Villains Foul

CC+VF: All-Out War RE
CCVF Gallery of Evil Cover
Character Prof.:  Vibora Carna
Character Profile: DEATH STAR
Character Prof.: DEATHSTALKER