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The HONEST Definition of Feminism

By brentcherry
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UPDATE (May 23, 2016) - Reworded the definition of feminism to the most well-known version and broke up point 2 into bullets.
UPDATE (June 5, 2016) - Removed support for transgendered people and paternity leave, reworded Violence Against Women Act point.

Yes, we know. We've heard the tired and repeated definition of "feminism" in every way imaginable. "Feminism is the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities", or some variation of that claim.

The problem is not only the definition, but the TINY exceptions that go along with it in today's modern version of feminism that's practiced by many, despite ones that legitimately use it for good. ;)

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This perfectly describes that horrible communist SJW cuntbag known as Lindsay ellis (aka Nostalgia Cuntbag)

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I used to be a fan of her, as I've taken photos of her in my gallery. But now, I'm pretty disgusted with her, especially those who were in the Chez Apocalypse community.

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I'm a feminist who advocates for all those things.

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Do you want a cookie?

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I want you to not be condescending.

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I'm going to try to keep this short and to the point. You made a good choice as far as the dictionary-type setup goes, and the background selection added to the simplistic style of the piece. However, I feel that the repetitive sentence structure in the text following the "2." was a poor choice, as I found myself struggling to stay interested in what it was actually saying. Lastly, a few of the points listed could be potentially offensive to some readers, as they could be misinterpreted as possible stereotyping. Overall, I found this piece to be rather interesting. Good work.
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The whole crux of the humour of this piece was how long point 2 was. But thank you for the critique.
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You're quite welcome, and thanks for accepting it. I think that if you focused more on the humor aspect, this piece would be much more likable. More often than not, overdoing it ruins any attempt at comedy. Keep that in mind for future projects.
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I boldened the text. Is that better?
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The way the text looks isn't the issue here. As I mentioned before, it's the highly repetitive sentence structure that made me struggle to stay interested.
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That's the point of it. If an exception has to be described in such a long and tedious way, it goes to show how flawed the original statement is.
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Yeah. Also, humour is really a subjective thing. It's not always going to hit with people.
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Actually, looking back, it seems I've shifted my views. I support feminism, but also acknowledge that men have problems too.
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Hey, at least you're honest enough to admit it and open-minded enough to take that into consideration. Same can't be said for most feminists I've encountered. :(
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Biologically, a man develops more muscle than a woman, so it doesn't matter how lanky is a guy it is still stronger than a woman.
I'm not saying men shouldn't learn self defense, actually, everybody should learn it at some point
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And lord has it decayed from its upright definition
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I applaud you m'friend 
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