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The Cake of Modern Feminism

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Anyone who's familiar with the politics of most modern-day feminist movements knows of the plethora of wants and demands are practically endless. But what many may not realize is that many of what they want and expect are in direct conflict of each other.

Yes, as with anything, reasonable exceptions DO exist. However, the following generalities are commonly true in the first world:

- They want women to pursue any career-field of their choice, under whatever tenure suits them, yet demand equal pay to men without exception.
- They want every chance a man gets to do what they want, but demand affirmative action and special stipulations whenever women cannot achieve it on her own.
- They want everyone to respect them as honourable activists, while they mock, ridicule, and exile anyone who disagrees with them.
- They value their right to free speech, but protest and silence criticism and dissent.
- They want to embrace the liberty to express female sexuality, but vehemently object the male gaze.
- They preach about how strong women are with their "GIRL POWER!" message, yet demand safe spaces and trigger warnings.
- They want more female representation in the media, but only the ones that are politically correct and portray them in a positive light.
- They embrace every body as beautiful, yet advocate for health and overall well-being.
- They want society to accept women for who they are, but want entire cultures to be reformed to suit them better.
- They want due process when women are accused of crimes, but expect everyone to believe them at their word when they claim to be victimized.
- They claim to want reasonable discussions, but demand changes to rhetoric whenever it suits them.
- They want to be financially independent, yet demand the government to pay for goods and services that aren't human necessities.
- They see "patriarchy" as a fascist and unjust system that must be abolished, yet want a system that appeases to them without criticism.
- They value scientific evidence and research, but only the ones that benefit them and their motives.
- They're all about moving forward and changing views for the future, yet demand reparations for past injustices dating back several centuries.
- They'll only address specific issues, yet demand everyone to support them.
- They abhor discrimination of any kind, yet they consistently and unapologetically bash and be hostile towards white heterosexual males.
- They want the economy to be diverse for all of women's current and potential interests, yet expect every single one of them to be successful.
- They fight for the oppressed, yet endlessly shame and scorn those with more privilege.
- They want women in more job fields (such as STEM), but only the ones that pay well or have a low risk of serious job hazards.

You can't have it both ways. Or, as the old adage goes…

"You can't have your cake, and eat it too". ;)
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I don't care about feminism as long as they aren't shitting on men when trying to be equal despite already having ample opportunity to do so. If you want equality stop trying to act above who you're trying to be equal with. These people infuriate me sometimes.

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Same here. It's not just that, but if you want to be equal, then accept the responsibilities and consequences that come with it.

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My exact thoughts put into words!

Just because women are in a decent position, we're still not in the same position as men.

As long as there is some inequality, feminism is needed.

Oh, sorry, did I offend you. I know men are so easily offended nowadays :D.

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Women in first world countries have every option to be in any position that a man is in. They just need to put in the work and effort to do so.

So what's more important to you? Having equality of opportunity for women being free to make their own choices? Or forcing them into equality of outcome? I don't know about you, but the latter doesn't seem to be very "pro-woman" to me.

That is not true. You refuse to accept the existence of sexism because admitting sexism exists would make you realize you are a terrible person. Your ego is truly too fragile for that. How pathetic.

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You mean the sexism of you seeing women as helpless and incapable people who can't accomplish anything unless things are made easier for them? I don't claim any self-importance, so there's no ego for me to shatter.

You, on the other hand, are another story.

You are also such an idiot that you don't see how you just proved my point.

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You don't have a point that you can articulate. And idiots don't get all butthurt over some social commentary artwork.

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Feminism is an Ideology that I'm sure many people have come to loath, but ultimately, I think your artwork displays the hypocrisies of this movement.

Ultimately, Feminism is women seeking special treatment motivated by a victim-hood mentality. Once the victim hood mentality is internalized, then women will never believe that they are equal to men, while seeking a leg-up FROM MEN... Ironic how that whole thing works.

You've demonstrated this with your cake here, but the words are a bit hard to read because of the small space. That's a nitpick though, and to be fair, it is hard to condense the stupidity of feminism, despite being suited for tiny minds.

Another great job!
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Thanks for the critique! Yeah, the wording was a challenge, as I wanted to be able to get my point across by using the least amount of words possible. :)
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I believe that the only real feminist was Eugenio Maria de Hostos, who wrote in the 19th century a speech called 'The scientific education of women'. This lawyer and sociologist knew that education would be be hammer that would shatter the chains of servitude and would give justice to women as a second rate citizen. (If you do not know about him go to Wikipedia).

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Not familiar which them, but cool.
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Not surprised few people know about him. But that lawyer told women to get technologically savvy in the 19th century (years before the Americans came to Puerto Rico at the end of the Hispano American war).

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When some food item appears delicious but in reality it's disgusting. I think this fits very well.
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I don't have a sweet tooth!  ;-)

This cake is coated with fallacies and stuffed with lies and it looks quite indigestible!     I think I am going to PUKE! 

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The cake looks delicious until you see the words.
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