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Objectification is...Bad?

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Finally! Something I've been wanting to get done for a while, but haven't figured out how to do it…until now! :dance:

You ever hear the countless messages and campaigns by feminists and activists that emphasize and hammer in how horrible it is to objectify someone?

Well, unless you've had your head in the sand for the past few decades, of course you have!

But have you ever stopped to think about how overgeneralized and downright absurd it is?

As social and interactive beings, we objectify non-stop, both consciously and unconsciously. This is common sense. From the basic actions like reading, writing, speaking, playing, to even more complex actions such as dancing, driving, gaming, everything we do is in some way a form of objectification.

Some people like to be catcalled, others not. Some like to be spoken to, and some just want to listen. Some want public attention, and some want privacy. Some want to be fantasized about sexually, and others don't want to be thought of that way.

So as long as it’s not disrespectful, unwelcome, or against required permission, there is absolutely nothing wrong with objectification of any kind.

Background image by :iconglassthroughskin: here:
Brushes used: Dancing silhouettes by erichilemex  69 Sexy Brushes by urbanAR7  Female Silhouettes by King-Billy and Silhouette Brushes 3 by Designjunkee, along with some images I found online.

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Agreed. And in my personal opinion objectification isn't wrong in the slightest. That's what deviantart is for, right?
Chinesegal's avatar
merely finding people attractive is not objectification.
brentcherry's avatar
Of course not, and I never said otherwise.
Chinesegal's avatar
No feminist has said that either.
By the way, here's something from a male ED-survivor:…
brentcherry's avatar
He's right that men and women are objectified differently, but I strongly disagree that it's worse for women.

But that long horseshit post by eggz1st is a great example of mental gymnastics to try and make it look worse for women than men.
Chinesegal's avatar
Who, he/she didn't say that much. Do you mean Claudiaboleyn?
How is what she said mental gymnastics?
brentcherry's avatar
No, I meant eggz1st, the second last response there.
Chinesegal's avatar
Is it "Louder for the people in the back"?
brentcherry's avatar
No, the lengthy essay below that.
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some people WANT to be objectified!

Why stop them?
Supercoco142's avatar
no one deserves to die.
brentcherry's avatar
Because muh feelz! ;)
TheJewishMarxist's avatar
Objectification can be attractive to most people, but the feminazis need to take their social justice complaints and not try to intimidate others into changing their ways. To me, sex isn't a bad thing, but feminazis demonize sex.  To me, I like a hot guy like any other girl would, but if a woman is objectified, they lose their minds.  To me, it's a two way street.  As long as it's not disrespectful, or done without consent it should be okay and not complained about.  :)
brentcherry's avatar
I agree completely!
TheJewishMarxist's avatar
that's just my opinion on it.
KetchAKan's avatar
I couldn't agree with this more.

You know what else makes me sick? LABELING people. To label someone is to strip them of their humanity and reduce them to a mere object.
brentcherry's avatar
That's a very good point! :)
OwletJessa555's avatar

If male characters are more well dressed and protected, and are treated as a person, while women are more revealed and less protected as sexual objects (rather than person), then what do you think? I'm just curious.
Supercoco142's avatar
men can be objectified too.
OwletJessa555's avatar
Yeah. If they're mostly objectified, most guy gamers would complain that it's too "gay" and creepy. lol
zharth's avatar
I'll tell you what I think - I think male characters should be less dressed more often, to balance things out!
OwletJessa555's avatar
Yeah. That'd be nice! Something like this:… :XD:
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