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Election 2016 - Before and After

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Oh 2016! You just gave me an AMAZING present for my birthday. SJWs and far leftists getting their asses handed to them. :happy: 

If you followed the 18-month bitch-fest that was the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, then you know what it was like. The choice ended up ultimately being between a corrupt, lying, and criminal politician, and a crass, vindictive, temperamental, callous, and totally underqualified celebrity as President of the United States. Regardless of the outcome, America was pretty much fucked either way.

But regardless of your political stance, you have to admit that the media was overwhelmingly biased when reporting on the candidates. Yeah, Trump has said some pretty stupid shit throughout his campaign, and he was rightfully ridiculed for it. However, just about NOBODY in the mainstream media talked about or really criticized Hillary to the degree that Trump got, especially with the deleted emails she was ordered to present to the FBI.

Within the coming weeks and days of the election night, the media and Hillary supporters (not EVERYONE, but in general) were not only confident that she'd win, but they were quite possibly the most smug motherfuckers of all.

"98.1% chance Clinton will win the election!"
"There's not going to be a 'President Trump'!"
"Trump supporters are about to get DESTROYED!"
"It's going to be AMAZING when Hillary wins!"

And after the election results came in, the immediate reaction, along with the coming days, was FUCKING PRICELESS! :happybounce: :shuffelin::rofl:

The VERY SAME PEOPLE who criticized and mocked Trump for saying that we wouldn't accept the election results "unless he wins" and that the system was "rigged" did the EXACT SAME THING! Not only that, they doubled-down on their insults and attacks towards anyone and everyone who supported Donald Trump or thought he was the better candidate.

While I'm not a fan of Donald Trump being President of the United States, given the INSANE backlash, I honestly think that he was the better choice. Showing people who the real racists, sexists, and bigots are on that level alone almost makes it worth it. :)

So enjoy this MILD exaggeration of the 2016 Presidential Election. :D

Here's my next piece of the 2016 Election: Election 2016 - Hillary and the Glass Ceiling by brentcherry
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(Some) People in this Comment Section here only now like : " Come on, Man ... ... that was Five Years ago ! "

" ~ Yes ... ... ... and not short enough the Rule of the Election Frauds of 2020 has been ! ~ "

smooth white yoda emoticon

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The Empire Strikes Back - Closed eyes Yoda IconSaidsPLZliberal tears i smell, hmm ....salty they taste, hm.. taste them with the force yoda does, hmmmmmmmmm

Dancing Turkey Icon

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I have made a "Timer" in the URL for You, but You can watch the Video from the Start if You want :D this here is the funniest Yoda.

Go Yoda " Sidious ! Here for the thicc Bitches i am ! The Smoke You do not want ! " - Yoda

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(it's one minute long)

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courtney love before/after heroine


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People seemed surpried that trump got into power.

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Well they were already about cheating in 2016, just not as much as in 2020 -> "PLUS" they thought because they had like "+90%" of the whole "Main Stream Media" on their Side,

the People would all automatically be brainwashed and be influenced and controlled in their Favor. ;) :laughing:

To bad these evil-hearted Folks are not as mighty and powerful as they used to think. :rofl:

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This Artwork is the most hilarious, political Artwork i have ever seen here, on Deviantart.

We need this to happen again. We - "NEED" - to see this repeating itself, again !! :XD: :rofl:

I want to see the talking SHXT-Heads of the likes of CNN, The young Turks - and every other PoS Media's, lose their everlasting Sh°t and cry and whine like the little Bixxxes that they are.

😁 😂 😁 😂 😁 😂

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the left in 2020 - 2024: Garnet Emote 4 "can we keep our vaccines as a souvenir, mr. gates?"

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It is actually disturbing how absolutely on Point You are with all these Lines.

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it's actually disturbing how real life is a south park episode, and we're both randy marsh trying to make sense of it all yet failing to do so because the world is just too f--ked up now/has been since the 70s

especially now with mass formation psychosis aka npc logic

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Thats why we will rise up and smash the Juice

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Come 2020 and the roles reversed!

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Not reversed. Pure, unadulterated Election Fraud "IS" in fact different from a Revolution via Votes. ;)

Whoever didn't cheat against Donald Trump enough in 2016,

cheated SO MUCH and more or less "openly" in 2020, that it was visible for everyone following Scources other than the Main Stream Media. ^^;

But enough of that.

Let's witness like Three more Years how Joe Biden drives the USA against a Wall,

ruins COUNTLESS of Lifes in the Progress,

and then be "curious" about if the People of the USA "still" want to suffer, or re-elect either Donald Trump, or another, hopefully VERY based Republican. ¯\_😊_/¯

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LEL another Right-J-W got trolled!

Anyways, Trump did win-- not politically but as a businessman/scam artist in 2020. Stop the Steal Inc. is now a more lucrative business than the Trump Organization especially since he does not have to pay for a large full-time staff yet rakes in over a million daily from feeble-minded Rightwing Justice Warriors/Snowflakes. If the Republicans lose more seats in the Midterms and if he runs again and loses in 2024, he will get even richer from his Stop the Steal Inc. business, which will become extra-lucrative in such situations.

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I have a Video for You, if You have the Courage to watch it. "Nine and a half Minutes" long ;)

Keep in Mind - > "WHY" are they "panicking" ... ... ?

I tell You why. 'Cause they will. NOT. be. able. - to. repeat. the Election Fraud from 2020, if their Cheat- and Scam-System will not be allowed anymore. ;) Have Fun.

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No they weren't. Republicans and Trump supporters (at least from what I've seen) didn't see Biden voters as inferior to them, nor did they bitch and moan like children when Trump lost. They just wanted transparency and answers to the suspicious activities that went on during the voting process.

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Did you not see them break down the doors of Congress?

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One thing I do like about Trump though is that he has gotten his feeble-minded followers to fork over 100 million dollars to him via Stop the Steal Inc and that many of them who thought they are giving his campaign one-time donations are finding out his campaign is withdrawing from their bank accounts multiple times haha. Also, Trump and Tucker Carlson killed more Deplorables than the Far Left can even dream of-- by spreading anti-vax misinformation to their rabid sheep followers while being the first in line to get vaxxed themselves.

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Anti-vaccine sentiments, opinions, or being critical of those and the mandates doesn't kill people. Malpractice and refusing proper care does.

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Trump's Stop the Steal scam is basically this.

Hell, I bet when Trump goes broke he'll use this same scam on his supporters to enrich himself again and they will pony up.

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