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Beautiful Anti-SJWs - Cassie Jaye

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Cassie gives this a shout-out at the 27:35 mark during her keynote speech at the 2019 Canadian National Men's Issues Conference here! Full keynote blog here:…

Beautiful Anti-SJWs #3: Cassie Jaye

A proud and militant feminist of 10 years, Cassie Jaye was a young (and beautiful, obviously :D) award-winning filmmaker with 2 documentaries under her belt: Daddy I Do (2010) and The Right To Love: An American Family (2012). In 2013, her next project was to do another documentary on “rape culture”. However, while she was doing research online, she stumbled upon the infamous and controversial men’s rights movement. Like the beloved Lewis Carroll story, Cassie gives into her curiosity and ventures further down the rabbit-hole of gender politics, taking an emotional adventure exploring the harrowing issues that affect men. This is what turned into the excellent and eye-opening documentary The Red Pill that was released in 2016.

Including Cassie in this series was a no-brainer, given her growth as a person after making this film, along with the production and public relations struggles she had to endure after its release. From what I've seen of her publicly, she doesn’t dress or present herself very provocatively, so I toned down the sex appeal for this one, as I figured that was most appropriate for her. Nonetheless, she’s still a beautiful woman that not only brought a serious and heartfelt take of men’s issues into the mainstream, but she’s a prime example of how maturing is such a crucial part of being an adult and an effective advocate for the issues that need to be discussed.

For this piece, I decided to follow the tone of the documentary and give this an Alice in Wonderland feel. I settled on using the “Tulgey Woods” part of the story as inspiration to show Cassie’s curiosity as well as the numerous issues affecting men. And of course, it wouldn’t be complete or a faithful throwback without including a white rabbit, who just so happens to wear a fedora and have the AVFM (A Voice For Men) logo on his coat. ;)

Here are the links to her social media:


And check out The Red Pill. It’s a very important documentary that needs to be seen:


As always, enjoy! :D

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It's interesting how a number of anti-SJWs are redeemed former SJWs. There's Cassie, Daisy Cousens, and Janice Fiamengo.

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It really is. Laci Green is a big one as well.


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Thanks for the critique! It took a few weeks and I definitely burned myself out at times. The documentary takes an Alice in Wonderland approach, so I felt that I needed to keep that tone with this piece. :)
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I don't know what a critique from me would matter, considering you're a far better artist than me, but I'll try.

This is an amazing piece of artwork, dark but colorful. All the signs around her give the feeling of discovery for anyone viewing your artwork, just like this book I have, An Illustrated History of 151 Video Games. Always something new discover. This journey Cassie is on in the pic does give a feel of discovery and maturity, something that develops long after adulthood. Overall, this is a very good picture but coming from me, that's not saying much considering how you're far superior than me.
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Thanks so much for the critique! :D
KingGhidra78's avatar

Noce artwork.

The theme makes me think of Alice in Wonderlnd.

brentcherry's avatar

That was the intention! :D

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Nice to see more and more People witness these glorious Artworks
brentcherry's avatar
I know! It's awesome! :la:
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Watching that documentary was very eye opening. It's a real shame that it got banned in some countries and that most people don't seem to want to challenge their opinions. 

Doesn't help how people seem to think men's rights are a joke when they are actually more serious then most people realize :(
Emmafoster178's avatar
The Red Pill is a much better feminist film than Miss Representation (Not sure if you have seen that one)
brentcherry's avatar
I've never even heard of Miss Representation. From my brief research on it, it doesn't look like something I'd enjoy, but I'm open to being wrong.
Emmafoster178's avatar
Well it's a feminist movie. It talks about how female representation is sexist i media (such as girls liking pink, women being sexualized in video games, movies and music videos, bitching how that there isn't any good female representation in media). I had to watch in Grade 10 was awful

Though the male one isn't as awful
brentcherry's avatar
Sounds pretty awful.
Kirbymyfriend972's avatar
This is so good, finally a good feminist!
brentcherry's avatar
Thank you! After The Red Pill, she's no longer a feminist.
Kirbymyfriend972's avatar
Soooo...she renounced to the label
themariobros45's avatar
Yeah, she became a Right Wing MRA after.
themariobros45's avatar
Not to say I disagree with her on everything, but it's hard to take her seriously when she winds up on Glenn Becks show numerous times
Kirbymyfriend972's avatar
I just recently heard about her, so I don't have real opinions on her as a person
brentcherry's avatar
Yes. She did at the end of the documentary. You should definitely watch it. It's really good.
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