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Portrait of Richard Sharpe

By brentb9702
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This is a portrait of Bernard Cornwell's Richard Sharpe from the "Sharpe" novels. Yes, I know this doesn't look like Sean Bean. I read the novels before I saw the TV show, and this is how I always pictured the character.
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Yes, that's the image of how the literary Sharpe is described in the  pre- Sean Bean. Well drawn.
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 This is the best image of Richard Sharpe that I have ever seen, although I STILL cannot image that he sounds like anyone but Mr Sean Bean! (although I understand that Mr Cornwell himself has the same problem). 
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Remember the interview where he said he couldn't imagine his original picture for Sharpe because of Bean? And how he makes no reference to his hair colour at the end?
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 It is rather interesting just how much of an impact a really good actor can have on one's imagined version of a character even when one isn't actually watching them (and has not watched them at work in the role for some years, if truth be told).Nod 
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Well done! Very true to Cornwell's description of the character, right down to the "permanent mocking expression" from the scar :) And that is a hell of a scar, I imaginined it smaller, but it looks brilliant. 
As much as I like Sean Bean, he just looks to nice to play Sharpe. Sharpe is a dirty, mean-looking SOB, his sensitive side should come as a surprise. 
Anyway, great job!
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This is wonderful. I only know of the Television series, but this looks great!
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You should do one of Harper too. Maybe some of the other Chosen Men too. I'd like to see that but it's your call.
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i like that i read the books and enjoyed the tv show but the books were better
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Wow, you drew his scar extra prominantly.... Nice work on the hair. Definatley looks like the unkept hair of a soldier...
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He looks more like the original actor for the Series: Paul McGann. He would have been the actor to play Sharpe if he did not break his leg during the first week of shooting the first two movies. If you search the internet you can even find a photo of him with the chosen man in the green uniform as Sharpe.

But Sean Bean was amazing as Sharpe. Even the author thought so. He even made Sharpe more like Sean Bean in the series as he thought he did such a good job.

But originally the Author also thought Sharpe looked more like your drawing than like Sean Bean.
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you know, the TV show sucked. I like Sean Bean but that was just...made for TV-tastic.

Your drawing is better. I love your sense of detail and the texture you've got going on there.
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