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FFM10-Searching for Someday
When I wake it is on a hardwood floor and in a dress so tight it hurts to breath. I gasp and the air whistles in. There is an inhaler next to a tipped over wine bottle. I reach for it with finely manicured nails, chipped at the ends.
Now I can breathe. I scan the room. It is mostly empty. No pictures or personal artefacts. A single mirror peaks out from behind the closet door; a strange place for such a thing. I stagger towards it, legs longer than I am accustomed to. I wobble, my feet sheathed in nude heels. I stop and then kick them off. They bounce against the wall and nearly clobber me in the face.
I breathe onto the glass then wipe away the mist. My face slides into focus. It is pretty but I am used to such things. What makes it particularly striking is the long scar running down the corner of my baby-blue eyes to the curve of my sharply pointed chin like a teardrop drawn in by a toddler.
This is the kind of face you’d never forget. I wonder how it happened. It puckers along
:iconexhale-the-stars:exhale-the-stars 34 17
FFM16-20 Genre Mashup
    “We need more magic in this room,” the Fable Book said, and proceeded to cough out a few fairies and a cloud of pink pixie dust.
    “No, no, no,” the Garden Book argued, as it always did, swatting away fairies with its glossy, image filled pages. “If you want to brighten this place up, it should be with a few well placed shrubs and a water feature. It spat out a pair of box hedges and a paving stone.
    “That’s boring,” Fable book whined. “This is a library, a place of magic.” It discharged a tiny pink dragon and two unicorns. The unicorns ganged up on the dragon and began chasing it around the shelf, egged on by the watching fairies.
    Garden book kicked one of the unicorns, sending it spinning away to collide with a fairy. Both fell to the shelf with a tiny wumph. “Get your head out of the clouds, Fable. A library is a place of orde
:iconc-a-harland:C-A-Harland 29 26
Planetary Problems
It was impossible to wash the stink of pollution off her surface, but she tried every date night. Earth was waiting on Pluto to arrive for dinner and a movie. She was always late because she insisted on living in the middle of nowhere. None of the other planets approved of their relationship, seeing as Earth's inhabitants had removed Pluto from their planet list. Earth chuckled, accidentally creating an earthquake that destroyed a small island. They had no idea there were twenty nine official planets, Pluto included. 
Pluto arrived, giving her a quick kiss that gave the American midwest a mid-summers freeze. "Ready?" 
"Of course. I thought we could watch the polar bears tonight, I feel rather sorry for them." Earth said.
"Of course, I just... I thought we could talk about it first." 
Earth sighed, sending an avalanche down onto some unlucky climbers. "Do we have to?" 
"I want you to be my universe partner. I want dozens of little moons with you. I love you." Pluto s
:iconsarcasticcupcake5:SarcasticCupcake5 58 20
In Soviet Russia...
    I always thought that the stories were nothing but jokes. Cheap laughs for sweaty, unoriginal interneteers. And so I had never thought that when I did visit Soviet Russia and went to my rented car, it would indeed drive me.
The black Sudan smiled at me and spoke in a murmur by lifting its hood; "finally. I've been waiting for days." Then it snatched the keys I were holding, stuck it in my mouth and jumped on my back.
    It was strange at first, but I quickly got used to it. The car wasn't as heavy as people said it was and it was actually quite nice. It told me to turn by gently pulling at my ears and always sang along to the radio (which, by the way, only played Boney M.'s "Rasputin" on constant repeat). Along the way I saw mostly strange sights, feeling like quite the tourist. A short bulldog was taking its owner for a walk, and a new Kickstarted company was advertising its slogan; "Machine Programs You!"
:iconosterkaktus:Osterkaktus 71 23
The fox had been hungering for quite some time: its fur was growing thin, a dull blanket over starving ribs, and it walked with the careful steps of one who has but little strength to spare. It limped as it walked, for its left forepaw had been hurt some time before by the trap of a hunter. It had escaped the trap with its life intact: but now it hungered, and could no longer hunt.
Today it had caught a carrion scent on the breeze, sweetish, cloying: the smell of rot. It was a hope, and the fox was limping towards it as quickly as its meager strength would allow. Surely it could find something to scavenge from a kill so old.
But as it followed the scent, and at last slipped through a line of dense bushes into a clearing, it found not a wasting cadaver, not the remnants of some other creature's hunt, but a camp – a man's camp – with a greasy fire and a row of iron cages with thick bars. The man himself sat beside the fire, whittling from a piece of bone. His skin and tattere
:icongdeyke:GDeyke 78 58
The magician and the huntress hurried through the forest as the storm lashed the trees and cracked the sky above. Although the raindrops soaked the magician and battered the brim of his hat, they seemed to be taking pains to avoid even brushing the huntress. When they arrived at the arch of the tower ruin, he was exhausted, while she showed barely a sign of fatigue.
“Are you alright?” coughed the magician, slumping against a pillar.
“Thanks to you,” answered the huntress, sitting beside him. “What is this place?”
His eyes could see through time, what this place was and what it would be, from an exquisitely furnished nobleman's folly to a hollow wreck punched through by branches, home only to beasts and ghosts.
“Home to a couple, for a short time,” he whispered. “Lovers, before tragedy befell them.”
They were almost nose to nose, breathing heavily, exhilarated by the run and the weather. The magician felt himself magnetised to
:iconjoe-wright:joe-wright 47 13
#6 - disperse, quietly.
skin loose,
you float in the ocean-bath,
sea salt bubbles up to your nose,
& dream of something.
i have not seen your dreams,
your desires,
& i am more than ignorant in these moments,
more than lost as i wait,
my eyes on the skin around your uneven knees.
i ran this bath for you,
bucketed salt
& sand until i ached;
i will clean it too,
washing away the sand
& you, too,
when it is done.
as i think,
as my mind wanders & forgets,
i watch.
your hands are almost transparent
sand clinging to your nails,
& i am brought to the idea that you,
quiet, lovely you,
might become a mermaid after all.
you dreamt of it as a child,
in the quiet way of a boy with a 'girl' dream.
i remember hours at the pool,
in the bath,
watching you meet your feet,
watching you kick your legs like a tail.
i remember you telling me that you wanted to be a fish,
just a little fish,
& i believed you until,
one day,
i found you in the bath,
your feet tucked, your legs kicking,
& your mothers
:iconazuline-furcula:azuline-furcula 26 17
    “Mage!” Professor Listner snapped. He was a wizard of the old style, complete with a beard, spectacles, and everything. With the name Mage and training to be a mage, you can bet I was his favorite student to torment. I was everyone’s favorite student to torment.
    I cringed. I knew what was coming. Sure, I was trying to be discreet but I never was good at being sneaky. The red hair kind of made me stand out too much to get away with anything.
    Still, I tried to put on an innocent smile. “Yes, professor?”
    He ripped the ingredient out of my hand and gave me a stern scowl. “For the last time, we do not use sandpaper in a soothing bath spell! If I catch you trying to put this…” He grabbed a blackberry bramble off my table. “…or this…” He carefully picked up a handkerchief with poison oak leaves in it. “…or this in y
:icontealya:Tealya 51 17
I borrowed a horse last Thursday to hunt the Wildwoman.  He was tall and painted hungry; She’d borrowed time, then disappeared.
I could not bend to pick the rocks.  The horse kept kicking dusty circles.  ‘Round the barn, the Wildwoman crept in boots that used to be mine.
We didn’t see Her till the last three barrels, where She sprouted from the grit between my fingers to silence shouting hands.
Winding down sore muscles, drawing ankles to earth, She traced my body before darting up my spine - straight line from heels, to hips, to Crown.
And in the half-breath the horse spied hay and tried to throw me from the saddle, She stepped in.
And for the first time since we woke up drowning, we rode this out together - Wildwomen.
:iconejeans7:ejeans7 41 10
Midnight Snack
This was the night. Lisa was determined in finding out who the cookie thief was once and for all.
For weeks, after dinner, her mother would put exactly twenty-three oatmeal and coconut cookies in the jar. In the morning, however, when Lisa was going to get two for school, the jar was emptier. It was never the same number of stolen cookies consecutively (she made a log about it); sometimes the thief took three, another seven, another four, at times even just one.
At first she thought she would miscount the number of cookies her mother would bake, or that someone was playing a joke on her and sneaking them out before she could notice. Many nights she stayed up long after everyone had gone to sleep, but never saw anyone. She would wait from half an hour to three hours, until she couldn't keep her eyes open and went to bed.
She spent her lunchtime studying the notes in her log, and discovered she had not checked between three in the morning and just before dawn. That night she'd go to bed
:iconmimi-lolacute:mimi-lolacute 41 44
The Mirror Lied
       Deumos stood on the threshold of the woman’s home. Deumos didn’t care who this lady was or the fact that she was married and had three children. The only fact important to her was at this particular moment, this housewife was alone. Deumos watched her hum softly to herself as she prepared dinner for her family. Like other demons, Deumos was nothing more than a whisper in the woman’s head. A void. While the woman could not physically see Deumos, Deumos could see her shifting uncomfortably underneath the pressure of Deumos’s presence in the room.     
    The need to devour a soul writhed within Deumos and so she glided toward the housewife.  Looming over her, she firmly grasped the housewife from underneath her chin and pulled her towards herself.  The housewife, mouth agape, did not have enough time to mutter out even the smallest cry for hel
:iconlunanitor:LunaNitor 77 19
[---404 error: file not found---]
     I am undefined
     like the irrational variables
     that rot your computer; 
     never quite fitting into the
     neatly arranged arrays
     that fragment this world 
     into disconcerting 
     congregations of 1s and 0s, 
     (the DNA between
      my ribs does not 
      conform to your primal
      binary code.)
[—503 eror: server overload—]
     I am undefined,
     an error in excess
     desperately trying to exit
     this (in)finite loop of
     on-off signals that
     consistently crashes 
     my delicate newtork of
:iconcrystallized-skies:crystallized-skies 120 47
Days (Short Story)
    The first day they met was an epic disaster.
    Aleks cursed at the male barista behind the cash register for receiving the wrong coffee—decaf instead of his usual double shot espresso. He yelled so much that tears began to run down the young worker’s face before she appeared. In a flurry of wild red hair and jangling bangles, she swept the poor barista aside and stood firmly on the other side of the counter with a wide smile. “What seems to be the problem, sir?”
    He yelled at her too. Something along the lines of “liquefied crap for coffee,” and “I know animals that are better trained than all of you!” She continued to smile and nod, her bracelets rattling when she lifted her arm to brush a red curl from her eyes. Aleks walked away with a free espresso to down on the long subway ride to his work and a scowl that dissuaded everyone from getting too close.
:iconleaderpinhead:LeaderPinhead 87 29
FFM 06 - Progress in Action
The chambermaids cleaned and disinfected the tank with lye again, and Spencer took a moment to collect himself before squeezing the magnifying monocle back into his right eye.  He had gone over the machine a dozen times, but he would go over it a dozen-and-one if that’s what it took.  Every little brass bolt was properly tightened, and every hose was sealed exactly as it needed to be, connected to a variety of vials and beakers.  The electrical coils were fully charged from the previous night’s thunderstorm, and all of his thermometers and barometers assured him that the steam pump was properly simulating the temperature and pressure of a human womb… and yet, somehow the tank could not sustain life.  He tried not to think too much about the failed attempts, nor the tiny, cold bodies that he had sent off to the morgue over the past months.  A scientist had to focus on the present, and the task at hand.
A bell chimed, and he raised his head to w
:icondistortified:distortified 36 14
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morning.if my words fall
upon your ears   gentle
and serene
littered leaves below
your feet, gathered
and whispering
an ocean vast
of constellations deep
our minds the root,
our hearts beneath
at once we soar
over snowy peaks
the caress of morning
upon our cheeks
saturday morning coffee.Seattle held many secrets in its dreary rainfall: college kids having sex in the 7-11 bathroom, a drug dealer staking out Rainier Valley for new clientele, and, worst of all, a secret agent working at the Starbucks on 5th Avenue.  I had watched him for months now and every day something suspicious seemed to happen. Today, the strange behavior revolved around the chocolate syrup pump sitting surreptitiously behind neatly placed metallic coffee mugs for sale.  The perfect hiding spot for seedy behavior!  A woman I earmarked as pleasant-enough looking leaned over the counter cautiously, eye over her shoulder to detect any prying eyes. She whispered something to the duplicitous cashier who squinted his eyes and squished his face, as if he smelled something rancid.  Perhaps it were his devious plans that smelled so foul!  But alas, all that would transpire would be a few extra squirts of syrup into the woman's drink.  This wasn't enough to convince me of his la

sugar.the air scented like strawberries
and your eyes as wide as cherries
my pulse racing as you saunter
so freely past fields of daisies
into my arms and on my lips
is where i know warmth resides—be
it in your garden or your heart
heat rises without single thought
breathe.coral sunset
in your hair
sunflower's song
softly in my ears
the supple breeze
to your glowing skin
my hand
your chest

.peach blossom rain drops
flood my veins against your stars—
heavenly charade
trees.down below
beneath low hanging
lives a world
so tiny and
rain drops dance
while pink petals
crickets chirp
far below the
announcing love and life
on the ground

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Deviousness Award
When asked, what is the most ironic user name you have seen on this site, one name jumps to mind for a lot of people. And that would be `lazybutt Seemingly everywhere and anywhere all at once giving critiques, offering advice and helping newcomers is all in a days work for him.
And then besides that he is always full of great suggestions for the site itself, approaching the admins here with well thought out ideas, and many a recommendation for Daily Deviations or just great artists for us to shine some light on.
And if allllllll of that were not enough then there is the =DailyDeviants project that he has been behind since 2005 as well. So yes, `lazybutt is quite the opposite of his namesake and we couldn't be happier about that.
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Why do we traumatize
& stigmatize
The greater few
The worse off who
Prioritize free—
dom-inated and he
Tells us colossal untruths
That we are not safe,
We are not one

—we must fight
For the war is not won
Unless we become
Under his supreme rule
Been reading Fascism: A Warning by Madeleine Albright this past week, and I guess I was inspired to write (obviously I see similarities in today's political environment). I haven't written a poem in about 3 years, so I know this is rough (and unedited). If you want to take a crack at critique, please do. :D

Also, in a way I imagined this as a spoken word piece, but felt free verse fit it a bit better.


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