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BrennanPM, do you think that Hiigarans had have force fields on hangar ports to keep hangars pressurized? A bit unrealistic concept, because atmosphere creates fire danger
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I love seeing this sort of HW art, I only wish there were more of it.
MASCH-ART's avatar
Great concept and work, I it makes it believable.:) (Smile)
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Still thinking about potential mod, named by as Homeworld: Enemy Starfighter... ;) (Wink) 
Skycommand's avatar
Now this is what I call creative: Ditching the whole Homeworld stereotype perspectives. Assuming of course that it is a Homeworld art. Is it?
resbi's avatar
that's just awesome! 
Talros's avatar
Love this one! and you did an awesome work for Homeworld Remastered btw :D
BrennanPM's avatar
Thanks a lot Talros. We've all been loving the work you've posted :)
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This is awesome.  Make more like this.  I love it.

My old buddy G. Bush used to say Peace via Death From Above.  Or something like that.

Anyway this is great.
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