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March 21, 2019
'Let us end this war' by jura-chan
Featured by RezaBisuto
Suggested by Shiro-Marusu
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'Let us end this war'

My submission to the 2019 EU FFXIV Fanfest art contest. 
Hraesvelgr and Nidhogg from Final Fantasy XIV confronting each other at the bridge. I thought this was one of the most epic moments in the game after a long and thrilling story about a war between dragon and man. Its moments like these, made by a team of dedicated people, that really inspire me to keep making art^^ 
I painted it all in photoshop, but used an in-game screenshot as a base for the background elements and a bit for the character to save time since I had very little. (had a bunch of near-sleepless nights for this XD) 

I am very flattered and happy to have won 1st prize and thank everyone for voting! 

I made my very first speedpaint video with this artwork on my new youtube channel which can be seen here:… 

I hope you enjoy my art :D 

Wow thanks so much for the DD!! I am flattered! :D
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Excellent work making this. How do you come up with your own action scenes? Without using any form of references from anything. Can you tell me? Please? Because I do not understand.
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On the contrary, I use lots of reference for inspiration and learning purposes :) in some cases I use 3d tools like unity to view a scene from different angles to get some ideas. Usually when I am going to make a new painting I have a vague idea in my mind of what should happen in the picture. Sometimes it's clear enough to go straight to sketching, sometimds I need more inspiration so with help of examples and tools I experiment until it feels right. With this particular one, I used an in-game environment as a base to paint over and put in the characters. I have had this idea for quite some time when I finally started so I didn't experiment as much with composition as I normally do. In the description is a speedpaint link which shows a small bit of me meddling with composition and stuff using tools like rule of 3rds. Maybe it helps c:

If you have no idea where to start, I suggest you go and study some movie stills or story boards^^ I want to make my work more dynamic and storytelling so that's what I want to do as well.

Good luck and don't hesitate to ask if there's more :)
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Beautiful I love dragons this picture is so full of passion I love it kind reminds me of this for some reason… keep up the good work grats dd well deserved
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Ah I can see why it reminds you of that! :3 I love dragons too^^ (and toothless is awesome!) The cutscene with these dragons in FFXIV was so epic and emotional I tried to capture that in this work :) thank you for all the nice compliments! ♡
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You’re welcome.
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Beautiful picture I love dragons
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Beautiful picture I love dragons
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Thank you! :D I love dragons too^^
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supernice!! love the details and the lalafell! 
(i'm just getting into the game since this week - so much fun)
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thank you :) though I myself play casually because of time restrictions, but if possible we should do some dungeon together or something! ^^
Nibu Chuni - Cerberus
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Looks awesome! :wow: Congratulations on the DD~!!! :clap:

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thank you very much ~
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thank youuu ~♡
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You're welcome! :love:
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Very nicely done!!

Congratulations on your much deserved DD!  :)

For My Personal Use DO NOT USE!!! by LindArtz

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thank you very much I'm flattered by the DD!~♡
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Congratulations on the DD! Very well-deserved :love:
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Thank you!! It kind of came as a surprise haha. One day it was suddenly there. I'm so flattered!  ♡
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