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My favorite Zeti, simply because he is hilarious. Honestly, in my personal opinion, he's a strong runner up for funniest game character ever. Almost every line this guy says made me laugh. They really got the emo bit perfectly. Even his design and posture fit the bill to a tee. Only one more Zeti to go.

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I would have thought he'd be your favourite because you can relate to him, you can't relate to being dead inside? Sweating a little... 
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Why I go gay over all emo boys characters?
yeah, he is the funniest character of the six and the cutest... What a shame! Emoticon 
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To each their own :)
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those blue lips m8!
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The almighty power of emo!
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Purple hair covering one eye... He fits the bill for everything that's EMO!
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this dude's the funniest? i guess you really can't judge a book by it's cover.
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He's a total satire of emos.
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He was pretty funny, yeah. He may have been all doom and gloom, but he made me laugh with how he went about it.
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Great  job  on  him, man!!! 
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<emo alert>

Loving the added detail of the rib cage! 
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