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Here' the only female Zeti, Zeena. Zeena's got a great design, and despite her personality being pretty stereotypical, she still has some great lines.

Here's some more Sonic stuff:
Tails by BrendanCorrisCharmy Bee by BrendanCorrisSticks the Badger by BrendanCorrisZazz by BrendanCorrisZomom by BrendanCorrisMaster Zik by BrendanCorris
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That ASS!!!!!

Cute Bunny

lol im sorry i had to btw i love this

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The thigh goddess herself~
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I like how everyone has this cool style while Veena is just thicc
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Those thighs and that butt doe
This villain hottie is one of the sexiest Sonic characters around. Nice work.
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:) (Smile) She's pretty.
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Now, simple question... is she a demon chameleon?
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I don't like this character, but god damn, look on this curvatures <3
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H O L Y    F U C K I N G   S H I T
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O///O well.. shes certainly curvy <3 
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Dem curves! Great design. I do love her and Sonic's back-and-forth in the game.
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Thanks. I do love Zeena's design as well.
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Yeeeeah, look at those legs and dat booty. :heart:
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Ahhh, this is the one I was waiting for~

Despite my already pre established bias for your thickness, I love how you managed to balance your style with her original character's perfectly. It dosen't lean too much one way or the other, it's like a perfect amount of each. The black background compliments her colors wonderfully, and her piercing blue eyes punctuate through the palette perfectly!~

I'm always a sucker for plump lips too, so bonus points there as well.

... Those nails are cute as fugg too~ :heart:
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