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The leader of the Deadly Six, when I first played the game I thought he was the most boring of the bunch, but now I feel I better appreciate how badass he actually is. His lack of comedic moments definitely makes him a little less memorable than the other Zeti, but just look at him. He looks like Satan mixed with a dinosaur, or better yet, a suit of demon samurai armor that came to life. You take one look at this dude and know you don't F with him. Zavok's probably the most intimidating-looking Sonic villain.

Here's some more Sonic:
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To me zavok is sonic’s equivalent to darth maul

both are intelligent, strong and Have similar personalities

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He's too good for Sonic....Too pretty.
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Satan 0.0 lol XD
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Awesome. He's the strongest of the team.
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I have to say I really like his name... ZAVOK!
Great rendition and pose work on him
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Totally savage man!
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He  reminds  me  alot  of  old  school  Bowser, that's  one  of  the  reasons  he's  my  favorite  of  the  bunch. Plus  he's  a  good  straight  man to  balance  out  the  rest  of  the  Zeti.

And  kudos  on  making  him  look  even  MORE  menacing!!! 
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I can see that. And thank you very much :)
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Never cared for this guy in game, but you definitely made him look like a badass. BTW, nice job on all the Zetis' hands in this series. They're all very expressive.
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Thanks a lot. I like to think I'm good at drawing hands, so it's nice to hear somebody confirm it :)
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What Zavok lacks in humor he makes up for in being completely terrifying. I aways thought he is how Black doom should have been done.
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He is certainly badass
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