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I still never got around to playing Unleashed, but I’ve heard a lot of good things about it from generally non-bias Sonic fans (though they all say avoid the Wii port), and I adore the soundtrack and visuals. I kind of hate even typing “werehog”, but that is the official title, so… I mean, “were” just means “man”. Sonic’s really already half man half hedgehog. The “werehog” is clearly half anthropomorphic-hedgehog, half wolf. It should be wolfhog or hedgewolf, but I guess they didn’t like the sound of those. Anyway, I decided to make him look beast as hell.

Here's some more Sonic stuff:
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WOW... this looks so AMAZING!! I love the way that the line work makes him look realistic. He could literally jump off of the page and attack if he had a mind to.
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Very crazy your werehog sonic dude!! :o (Eek) :o (Eek)SO AWESOME  
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good job ! :3
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you welcome ! Tem-Animated9 
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You're welcome😊
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Damn he looks badass :D Awesome work 
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Technically, wouldn't werewolf still be correct terminology in this case? Anyways, awesome art as usual!
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Yeah, actually, werewolf would be totally sensible, too.
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The  PS2  version(which  is  a  port  of  the  Wii  version)  is  actually  pretty  good... A  TON  of  stuff  was  shorted  and  cut, but  it's  still  okay. I  like  the  werehog  stages  in  the  that  version  better  than  the  PS3/360  versions. But  all  versions  are  still  pretty  good.

Great  job  beasting  up  that  werehog  form, man!!!
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Thanks. I've heard most people just say the 360 one was the best. Interesting to hear a more in-depth description.
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One of the best of him 
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lol the "werehog" name was indeed strange.
But great work making Sonic beastly here
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Thanks :D. I still like "Wolfhog" better
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Yeah, I too was confused when the term 'werehog' was used, but it does roll off the tongue better, even if it doesn't make sense language-wise. I love how you drew Sonic here, I can see the power in those arms!
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Thanks a lot :)
I personally like "Wolfhog" the best, but I know the "were" term has become synonymous with the concept of transforming into a beast in the full moon.
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Totes love the nails here!
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