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Tikal the Echidna

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More Sonic stuff. Here's Tikal from Sonic Adventure. I've heard content in the game's programming suggests she was originally intended to be playable. Kind of a shame she wasn't.

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x3 awww <3 cute lil Tikal <3 
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Great  looking  Tikal!!!
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This picture you've done of Tikal in such a style looks very nice. :meow:
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You're welcome. :wave:
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Nice work. You don't usually see a Sonic character's toes, but I think the sandals go with Tikal's theme better than the shoes or toe-less feet she had originally.
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I couldn't tell if she was wearing skin-toned boots or she just has no toes like Big. I find a lack of toes really odd.
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She is lovely Love 
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Tikal is my favorite Sonic girl, I love her :heart: It's a shame we haven't seen more of her lately, but one can always hope! :D
Anyway, you did a very stunning job on this. She looks as gorgeous and adorable as always. :XD:
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Thank you very much!
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You're welcome! :)
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Tikal is one of my favorite lovelies from the series. I know she was a playable character in the two-player mode in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, but that may have been it,
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I didn't remember she was even in SA2B actually. I remember 1p mode, the 2p battle mode in the actual 1p stages, and the little racecar game, but if there was anything else it's slipped my mind.
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Well, I forgot that she's a playable character in Sonic Runners. I guess the reason why I forgot is that I've yet to unlock her and, sadly, I have until the end of the month to do so before SEGA shuts the game's servers down.

Still, I'm looking forward to another game where Tikal can be playable. Same story for Cosmo, another favorite lovely of mine.
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Even if she wasn't playable, at least it was enjoyable to interact with her, either directly in the past or through her helpful spirit (i.e. hint ball).
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Probably the most underrated female character in the entire series. Tikal deserves all the love she can get.
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Yeah, she doesn't get enough love.
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Awwww you made her looking ssooooo cute <3
Nice work tho =D
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