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Saw Little Witch Academy recently. I thought it was pretty meh, but I love Sucy’s design and she’s quite a fun character all around.

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Really digging this design choice you had for Sucy.
It's always real nice to see different takes on various characters. :aww:
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great hips though a "bit" too anorexic for my taste.
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where is the cockatrice? xD
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Sucy is indeed adorable, love her hah. 
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(i know... pretty original comment)
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Sucy was my favorite even as far back as the pilot. Glad she's getting some love
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Sucy never fails to win people over. She's got sassy Squiggly esque hips
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Yeah, she's great :D
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My mate showed me this show. Didn't care for it much, but I did like this gal.
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Same here. Friend showed me it, I didn't care for it, but I liked Sucy.
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I am loving the hell out of this.
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Nice that you exaggerated more on the shapes and dem eyes!
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Can you do more of Patty Pots and Thicc Sucy?
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I don't have any immediate plans to at the moment.
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With who? Both?
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