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Spring Man

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Arms looks like an interesting game with some fun character designs. Wanted to draw Spring Man.

Arms belongs to Nintendo and all that
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what kind of brush and software do you use

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I really like what you did with him :D
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Spring man look like a monkey but still good
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He looks like a political cartoon! Laughing 
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Love how ya exaggerate features, especially going on with his springy hair. His origin story of how he became to be "I woke up with these arms just one morning and I thought it was pretty cool" So basically it is just is an needs no explanation. :XD:
Goten the game yourself? I believe it's out now.
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It's not out yet. It comes out on the 16th this month, but I was able to play one of the global testfires. Not enough to figure out what I'm doing, but it was enough to get me hyped.
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yeah. Tho arms is losing the conpetition to splatoon 2 obviously >w< ;
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Interesting art style XD
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Yeah, that's the face of a 3D molded character. Heck most of your personal customization's of black lined TV cel animated characters have a 3D molds twist to them that Disney staff members starting with the Silly Sympathies, Bob Clampett's Warner Bros. shorts, and Fleischer Superman shorts had the privilege of rendering into film without any rushed deadline constraints. 
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No problem, just one of the advantages of a static medium.
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So how much longer 'till Twintelle? =]
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Not sure. I plan on drawing a bunch of the characters, if not all of them, so maybe soon.
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I have to say I really do like the wacky character designs for this game.
Spring Man's hair is awesome!
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Yeah, the designs are super fun. They look very fresh for Nintendo. Spring Man has a super 90s vibe, like something you'd see on a box for a Nerf toy or a board game.
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Spring Man's good. You picked out a favorite design wise yet? M. Mummy's right up my alley in the giant size department.
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Actually, Master Mummy is my favorite character design in the game. I plan on drawing a few of the characters.
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Oh snap. XD Can't wait to see'em, man!
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it does look fun and each character has their own uniqueness to them all as a whole.
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