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Standing as tall as a redwood tree, it's the greatest damn tree killer that ever lived - Paul Bunyan! The American legend is here with his buddy, Babe the Blue Ox. If it wasn't enough that all the European settlers killed off almost all the Native Americans, they then had to make up tall tales glorifying the destruction of their land. What swell guys.
Paul Bunyan was supposed to be the greatest lumberjack who ever existed. I originally planned to have lumber bags slung over Babe's back but I didn't because... well, I was lazy. Hope you enjoy it.
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Tall tales at point were done to death in art, literature, and pop culture all together, but there seems to be a comeback in that genre of folklore nowadays, I guess. Even though Paul Bunyan's a figure in North American mythology that's recognizable even to a good handful of people today, the way you you drew and stylized him is original.

The massive grin on Bunyan's face as his cigar billows out smoke and the tenacious expression on Babe's face as he's snorting are cool little visual quirks. The way you did their anatomy is neat, too- huge upper bodies with tiny torsos and legs- that's good within over-exaggerating these two larger-than-life figures.

I like the sort-of-forced perspective of the landscape below them, almost as if they're so gigantic, they outrank the planet by mass. And again, that kinda plays into the over-exaggeration of the two, which when you consider the fact that they're characters from tall tales, is pretty clever.

The wooden/pine texture in the background is a cool touch, and I like how you did the scattered arrangement of the snowflakes of blue and white. The colors are nice to look at, too- love the almost Cartman-esque design of Paul's hat.

Bottom line, great job on this! Again, Paul Bunyan's been done before, but you drew him and his blue ox in a cool, new way. Looking at this makes me want to watch that old Disney short again.