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Metal Sonic

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Drew this a month or more ago. This Metal Sonic was finished just in time to add him to the Sonic collection in time for “A Video Game Con”. I figured you couldn’t have a Sonic group poster without Metal.

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Man... That Metal Sonic is a real idiot to me, more so in the arcade game Sonic the Fighters. Basically in that game, he proves to be utterly annoying and downright impossible to KO, as he just keeps attacking you, grabbing you and taking away MASSIVE amount of your health non-stop, leaving you to no easy avail in defeating him. He's also just as bad as even the next opponent to follow - Dr. Eggman. Metal Sonic doesn't even fight you fair, and Robotnik is actually easier than him, since you are given hyper mode (regardless of being Super Sonic or not) to be able to constantly hit without a limited punching combo. Otherwise if that didn't appear to help you out, you'll be smacked to death easily by Eggman too.

I want Metal Sonic to either be punished or at least be a bit more reasonable in battle so that you wouldn't find him to be a difficult lunatic to deal with.

Also, Metal Sonic is just like Vile from Capcom's Mega Man X games. They're both war machines who will beat up anyone that stand in their way.

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cool! i like it a lot. the detail is really nice.
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The Pose Looks Like He's Trying To Do The Dragon Fist.
Anyways, Cool!!
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Good pose. Its a real shame about his role in Sonic Forces, it was kind of lame.
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Ah one of my favorite characters of the Sonic series! Awesome job! Hopefully we'll see more of him in the future! 😎👍
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A.K.A: The only good knockoff of sonic.
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Yeahhhh hedgehog terminator!
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Awesome work you did :)
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He's pretty cool, but you can't beat the original.
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With that pose he looks like hes doing a shoryuken
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Ah Metal such an under utilized Villain... And one of the few that has menace. Awesome work ere
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Thanks. I feel he's the most intimidating Sonic villain. Hopefully they get some more use out of him in the upcoming games.
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This is quite good
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Ohhhhhh its sublime. Is god like. Its goooooooooooooooooooooooooooood :D
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Love  that  pose!!!
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