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MOTU - Skeletor and the Villains

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Following up my last He-Man post with the heroes is Skeletor and the bad guys of Snake Mountain. Skeletor is widely regarded as a comedy character these days. It seemed random to meat first that so many people find him hilarious, but I guess the combo of his voice and his overall pathetic role in the show led to it. He really was a ridiculous villain. He stood no chance, but who would against He-Man?

Would you believe my plan was to draw Evil Lyn, Skeletor’s #1 witch, with far skinnier legs than the Sorceress? Guess I’m cursed to draw all legs EXTRA THICC!:iconakuinsanesmileplz:

When it came to the main grunts I was torn on who to draw. Beast Man was always the most frequent, so he was a must, but I decided to go Trapjaw over Triclops and Merman mostly because I felt he was the most recurring of the three in the show and the most fun to draw. And since I drew Battle Cat with the heroes Panthor was a must.

Here are other pics I did:
MOTU - He-Man and the Heroes by BrendanCorris
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Lost Vikings Sheet by BrendanCorris
Inside Out by BrendanCorris
The Blues Brothers by BrendanCorris
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Check it out, if they can pull off teen titans with a comedy spoof then this would be the cartoon spoofs to end all spoofs and it would be huge. Make a 2 min long video animation of your art style and some funny dialogue and watch that shit take off. He man is perfect for your style and comedy.

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Evil Lynn has some nice legs
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These villains looks appropriately villainous. :)
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DA PIZZA he-man! EAT IT *maniacal laughter*
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Woow!! I love "The master of the universe"!!! Skeletor is the best! Good job! :D
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Trap Jaw is the best character!
I want a reboot that is only about him!
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He was an awesome character. Had one of the most fun toys back in the day, too, with all the interchangeable weapon arms and stuff.
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Killer style and colours!
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Sweet work with the villains!
You seriously made Skeletor look badass here! And nice legs on Evil-Lyn!
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yew ish welcomes fren :3
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This is really great
She is so fine
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A truer word has never been spoken.
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Whooo boy, Evil-Lyn's got it goin' on.
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