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MOTU - He-Man and the Heroes

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Had to do some fanart for one of my favorite cartoons as a child, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. I decided to do just a line up of the main heroes -

He-Man, the strongest man in the Universe and the star who transforms to this Herculean state from Prince Adam when he holds up his Sword of Power and says “By the power of Grayskull, I have the power!”, Man-at-Arms, or Duncan, who is Adam’s best friend and foster father of Teela, the bodacious Sorceress who resides in Castle Grayskull forever protecting its secrets (as best as I can remember, we never quite learn what the hell the secrets of Castle Grayskull are, but apparently id Skeletor learns them the world is doomed) and is often regarded as one of the most powerful forces on Eternia, though she honestly never seems to be able to stop anything in the show, Orko, the lovable wizard-in-training (When I was very little, my dad and my siblings used to act out He-Man and Thundercats where my dad would be Skeletor or Mummra and we’d all have to stop his plan, and being I was the baby of the bunch, I was always forced to be Orko and Snarf. Snarf sucks, but I never didn’t mind being Orko since I thought he was awesome, and that link to him honestly has made me like him even more over the years) who screws up his spells often and always avoids cleaning his room, and Battle Cat, He-Man’s mighty feline mount who powers into this form from the wimpy Cringer.

I debated doing Teela, but I decided to limit it to only the heroes who know He-Man’s secret identity. It’s honestly ridiculous that nobody can tell He-Man is Adam. He just loses clothes and gets a tan. He even has a green tiger. Who the hell else is a buff, blonde dude with a green tiger??? I hope to do a lineup of the main villains similar to this soon.

Here's the badguys:
MOTU - Skeletor and the Villains by BrendanCorris
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Make orko a mute where as punishment he has his voice taken away for being too annoying. I want to see this animated really bad. Its just too good an idea.

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I want to hug the sorceress's thighs.
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They're pretty heroic for sure. :)
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Sorceress is EXTRA THICC
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Dyam, Sorceress has got some rocking hips! :drool: I get why you chose her, but I hope some time down the line you also draw Teela (my favorite cartoon redhead babe). Great job :w00t:
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I wouldn't mind drawing Teela, she's one of my favorite 80s toon babes. Maybe some time
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Not really a He-Man fan, even though it's considered one of the quintessential 80s cartoons, but I do like how you depicted the characters with exaggerated anatomy, and Orko looks even more cartoony than he was in the actual cartoon.
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Tremendous caricatures.
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Awesome work on these guys! Gotta love the exaggerations on them MUSCLES!
Never seen much of He-Man since it was before my time, but I always did enjoy the characters since it was something my dad and uncles always talked about. 
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It would probably be hard for younger audiences to get into as it's very dated, but it will always have a special place in my heart. And thank you :)
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your style is good
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This is so great
She looks really lovely
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This show was a little bit before my time, but I do remember it through reruns. Nice work here. Have you thought about doing the bad guys too?
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Thanks. I'll be doing the bad guys soon
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Awesome! Watched both He-Man cartoons religiously myself when I was kid, good stuff.
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