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Inkling T-Shirt Design

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This was my submission to the Uniqlo Nintendo t-shirt design contest last year. I didn't put too much time into it, as you can clearly see, and I didn't expect it to win, but I do have to say I was severely disappointed in the winners. There were some artists who worked their asses off drawing insane art and the winners were pretty much all people who just blew up sprites from the games. No offense to any of the winners, but most of them left me scratching my head. Especially considering the rules stated "no official copyrighted images may be used" and the winners almost all had copyrighted sprites ripped straight from NES games in them. It also just helped to make the line not feel very "fan made". All the winners just looked like the type of official products you already see Nintendo push out into stores everywhere. But, anyway, Here's my crappy design. I tried to keep it simple as I tried to make it look like a typical t-shirt and not just a piece of gamer merchandise.
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Yeah i saw the winning entries, it just really seems like they just wanted something more neutral and not let the artist's style shine through... So i'm guessing that's why they went with blown-up sprites.

Anyhow, even if you weren't satisfied with your entry it still looks pretty cool imo!
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Serious question? Can ya actually !ake and sell me a shirt for my sister? I'd really want to have one, she agrees as well ^^
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I don't know. I wouldn't mind making some shirts out of this, but I don't have access to a shirt printer and any companies to do it through don't allow printing of licensed characters unless you have the OK from the legal owner. I would gladly sell you one for your sister if I had access to such.
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Thanks man I appreciate the thought man. ^^
Yeah T-shirt designs sure are tricky to printed and sold, so much copyrights ya have to swurve over.
Like I am a member of our colleges smash bros club and designing shirts of the logos of smash characters, but need to make sure that certain images aren't TMed
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That is so damn awesome! La la la la Love 
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Pretty sweet Splatoon t-shirt design. Those colors and the halftone texture is perfect!
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thanks a lot man :)
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I tattooed this art on my arm...
but I think that the tattooist misinterpreted...…
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That's so AWESOME man. I'd want that on a shirt. =D
Excited for splatoon 2 man? ^^
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Thanks. Yeah I'm excited for it
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Welcome ^^
Yeah. een keeping up with the chapters of the squid sisters?
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Only heard rumors on them so far. 
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The trailer for simgle player looks awesome =D
Think we all know who is behind all of this. XD
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Yeah, I saw it. I'm just really hoping that 1P mode will end with Callie and Marie making up, and now that Callie's befriended the Octarians, the squids and octos become friends and we get... PLAYABLE OCTOLINGS! I doubt that will happen, but I just really want playable Octolings. I'm guessing they're going to go some "she was brainwashed by the Octarians" route, but I'm hoping she did it all out of her own will. I think it would be a more interesting story
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Perhaps it would start as that originally, a whole revenge story, but I guess her more extremem route of the revenge route would come from octavir. Of course still a light hearted game, so even if there will be heart and all, not sure if it will dgo so dark. We are talking about a shooter game where we have colors and squid people with Japanese influences. =w=
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Yeah, I don't think it will get too dark. I'm sure whenever Callie and Marie meet up again in story mode the whole thing will be played for laughs
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*ecstatic clapping* yeee!!
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