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Hitmontop Used Triple Kick

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Here's my contribution to the Gen 2 Pokemon tribute at Game Art HQ (
Hitmontop is one of the cooler designs in Gen 2 I feel. Based on the Brazilian fighting style, Capoeira, where the fighter is constantly moving and fights in an almost dance-like manner, Hitmontop was an added alternate form for Gen 1's Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan. Oddly, though, Top did't get named after a famous martial artist as Lee and Chan were (Bruce Lee for kicking makes sense, but I still don't get why the boxer is named after Jackie Chan. Maybe Hitmonali sounded too much like lee).
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Yeah, I love that aspect of hitmontops lore and design. Definitely an all-time fav pokemon for me, and he's good in battles as well.
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Hitmontop is one of my all-time favourite designs and I think you did an excellent job with it. The spinning feet in particular are fantastically drawn!
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8D Ah, I was wondering who claimed the other Hitmontop spot! You gave this guy so much personality and movement, haha!
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Its very great
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After uri geller tried to sue nintendo saying alakazam was based on him, they decided to stop with the celebrity homages
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I always had trouble getting this one, trying to keep Tyrogue's attack and defense in balance till evolution.  
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Yeah, overly demanding evolves are always a bitch.
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Hahaha he looks so cool in your style :D
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One of my top ten favorite Pokemon- based on cuteness
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