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Haven’t done one of these Sonic pictures in a while. Chaos had a wicked original design that lent itself cleverly to a multitude of battles and many different forms, but his name is kind of stock. Sure, it’s a play on “Chao” but Chaos is just one of those names you’ve heard a million times for a monster or villain.

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Way past cool!Sonic Thumbs Up Emoticon 
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WICKED!!! AWESOME!!! GOOD STUFF!!Sonic Rape Face Icon 2 Sweet Sonic Emoticon 
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Freaking Awesome dude. Always loved Chaos design and your style fits him very well.
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I never played any Sonic game, so I always found strange having a character named Chaos and another name Chao...
But still what nice work, I love so much the lil' brain...
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Chao is actually a race, not a character. Chaos is the first Chao.
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oh thanks for the lore,
now I can add this to video game lore from games that I never played.
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I like it. Very jellylike!
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Kinda funny story; it took me years after first learning about Chaos to make the connection between him and the Chao. I'm a little dense that way.
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LOL, that's fine. It took some one I know 20 years to realize Kanga and Roo from Winnie the Pooh spell Kangaroo, and took me about 16 years before I realized Keebler's E.L.Fudge cookies spelled "elf fudge". We all have our special moments, lol
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Nicely done! Chaos was always an interesting villain being some gooey monster.
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Awesome work dude I love Chaos! He's the only real competition for coolest Sonic villain other than Metal Sonic (That I can think of currently at least lol...) 😎👍
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It's probably a battle between those 2 for coolest, but my favorite will still always be Eggman.
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Lol ya he is hilarious, and you can't say he doesn't have style. Plus it must be a pain building an army of robots each game, just to have them destroyed. 😝👍
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Yeah, he's certainly motivated :D
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Now I ha e two lovely emeralds! Chaoooos!!! Awesome work here
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