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Kayla and Stanky

''Yah got Sump'n fur me ?yah know how tah make Fish'n poles? furget aboot, yur omewurk fur a while and come fish'n with me little one, reeemuber tah bring the booze there''

Favourite Visual Artist
I'm blind, so I've got no concept of visual Art or artists. i like peas.
Favourite Movies
donni darko,gladiator,flight of the pheonix,dirty harry,the hill,300,wolf,one flew over the cookoo's nest, Wolverine. any Clint Eastwood movie
Favourite TV Shows
Space Battle, Ted rogers duck rescue, The Dumpster conspiracy series, Game or clones, Planet rescue with Ben, What's the stank game show, the Faggots, Snowflake boot camp, Happy time with Gandhi.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Anything that doesn't involve Observation Satire comedy songs, Leftest news media song, and Clown T.V songs, and songs about beetroot. i like songs that create a stank
Favourite Books
ones i can read in secret and then burn but my favourite book is how to read a book.
Favourite Writers
john Lennon\Edgar Allan Poe\H.G Wells\ Sir Arthur Conan Doyle\
Favourite Games
red dead redemption\GTA games
Favourite Gaming Platform
The Play Station 12 or the SEXBOX 580
Tools of the Trade
Chalk board or a wet lettuce leaf
Other Interests
Watching paint dry, tickling gold fish, finding a quiet place to giggle like a school girl. staring in the mirror for hours on end, listening to life slowly tick by, planting Pumpkins to make pumpkin juice, Praying to Cheese.
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As i call apon the raven of darkness, between the waxing moon ,and my slumber, i dream of dark love, wisdom and insight. For it has been told,that a knight that sleeps, in the company of the raven, can bring forth it's curse,to devour and plunder. O' raven of darkness, harbinger of my sins, take love away from my mortal soul, let me love no more.....nevermore.....nevermore..... So,i was playing chess and this popped into my head.... very strange....
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Well travelled back in time right before the big the point of nothingness.....not much to do back was a pointless trip really....funny thing was , i met these to other beings,only for an instant....they arrived and then vanished again.......looked like they belonged to a freak show or something.....haha!!really strange,a talking dog,and a baby that spoke like rex harrison!!!......... i think the baby was gay?just like rex!!....oh's a funny old timeline.........
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So im tired....really very,very tired....i feel sleepy.....tick....tick.....tick.....tick.....mmmmmmmmm....i could do with a nice bowl of noodles.................................well.....anybody for noodles?
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Hi Jimmy,

Just to remind you that tomorrow is St. Joseph's Day, the day the swallows return to Capistrano. Love you, bro, hope you're ok.

I remember Johnny Cash’ and an album, I got from an old charity shop once - which I can’t remember the Actually name of the Album album now but on the Sleeve of that Album, Someone wrote a tiny little foot Note that wasn’t really related to the Album what’s so ever which I found odd but it just Said...”like an old shoe found, the Swallows will return to Capistrano.” That was quite profound too me Wayne, so I took the name.

He came from Sam Quentin, a man in black with an old guitar strapped on his back, with a few good tunes, from those nights under that caged Harvest moon, singing about San Juan in Orange Country California and like and old shoe Found, Those Swallows will return too Capistrano.

Sorry for the very very very late reply. I only just realised you sent me a message, this new Deviantart set up, is like pulling Teeth, “painfully irritating” I always salute the swallows on that day Wayne, no matter what...,Much love to yah right back mate. I’m good, hope you’re holding in there too.

Hello Jimmy,

Good to hear from you! I know what you mean about "Eclipse". It is quite a learning curve. Things are constantly changing on the site, things appear and disappear with regularity.

All well here, just a shortage of work. I get a small pension and that covers rent and food, cigs and whiskey. Still I'd like to get back to my old routine. I don't believe the virus is as serious as the news media makes it out to be. Hope you're well, big hug and brotherly love. Wayne

Idk mate, this eclipse is a clusterfuck, I come here now and then to find messages Appear and disappear, people who I’ve been Watching have been unexpectedly Unwatched but I’m returning soon. Time to do some art and catch up on looking at some of the artists on here and leaving a comment or two. Music at the moment is still a washout. UK still in the hysteria mode of this insane Hyped up Virus, everyone’s so submissive - Still following these pointless very unlawful Rules that go completely against UK rule of Law and our human Rights but can’t do much, just going with the flow, Uber drivers Everywhere Idiotic Mask wearing is common place, walking around in the open air in a bloody coastal town where I hang out ! It’s the Shear idiocracy of this whole Programming Scheme implement By the globalist World Health origination, the world Economic Forum and of course the UN, the Great Reset, the new Normal, the Fourth industrial revolution, whatever you wanna Call it, their plan has nothing to do with a Virus, it has everything to do with changing the Financial, economic and environmental landscape, with a big helping of Transhumanism .....we live in Uncertain, unstable inconsistent Times mate but then life is full of inconsistencies, only us little people can cut those chains... but can we change the Status Quo? Not if we’re all divided as a population, those that rebel, protest, are classed as a fringe movement. So all we can do is watch the Sheep follow the goats Right into the slaughter house....Personally Wayne, the old routine, the “candyland” we’ve become so accustomed too, will never return, this new normal is here too Stay. Hang in there man, this is only one reality an a billion other alternate realities, unfortunately we exist in this negative Reality.... big brotherly love too you also ! See you on the flip side and stay trippy Wayne.
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I still have that big bowl of sump oil for you, Stanky. Here, have a drink 🍻 🛢️

“Eyes Closed Licking Lips with a Thirsty Grin” me Love-sh Sump OIl-sh, leave-sh the Window open-sh And i’ll stick Me Hook-sh in Through Yah Window-sh an-sh Get me Sum Sump-sh Oil-sh... Hic !

All right! *opens window* Make sure you duck down a little. It's tough to see your smiling face from the bottom floor.