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Ok yeah ive been sooo out of it. Honestly DA needs a email notification setting.  Well here i am currently laying in bed. I got a job so things yes more things have kept me away from here. I was speaking with wjmmovieman then i realized. I have a lot n i nean ALOT of OCs from just MLP RPs alone like about 20 or more so. So what I'm getting at.

Who wants to see some of my Random OCs?

I mean why not? The pony generator helped me make ponyfied verions why not let you all see what my random imagination could create? Well it'll take a few days to get them all up with proper detail in place. Just to be clear, they shall have their OWN FOLDER and it will be labled My OC Ponies/OC Requests.
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OMFG there's a plushie give away on here from a convention they were extras
I cant believe that this kinda of stuff happens!  I MEAN I SUPER EXCITED!
a chance to win only one of the following
1. Rarity
2. Vinyl Scratch
3. Derpy
it ends on August 25th

heres the link check it out!
Ok folks im sorry ive been away my life's been up down and back again. My youtube readings are at a stop so ive been trying to get a damn headset. but that causes me to neglect those who love my pics. so you all deserve something for those who like ponifications name a character anime cartoon or superhero i can give it my all. those that like my poetry give me a combonation of words a phrase even a title and i'll come up with something. as the title states you all have exacttly one week. i'll skim through the comments i'll pick the top 10 ponifcation ideas and tho top 5 poetry ideas only because the writing process takes longer for me.

ends EST time 6pm 8/5/2013
Sorry Everyone i was abit busy.
i recently collabed on a story wjmmovieman .
i also did another solo reading so check out my page on youtube.
well hopefully i'll do a another story
thanks all really for more info check my channel.
Happy Birthday P.o.P. aka wjmmovieman!!

I posted him a few thing on youtube that i did XD

i read Spin the Bottle (by Doctor Spectrum on FimFic) --->…

Also i read His OctaScratch Pranks Chapter 1 is up on the net now -->…

As a consolation Note i also did a derpy voice test one youtube a few days ago. here's the link for that as well -->…

Hope you all enjoy XD
1) Well im sorry folks i didnt mean to nearly abandon DA i was unfortunately dealing parental "issues" if you catch my drift

2)but in greater New i have made an Octavia and Vinyl Scratch Interview i posted it yesterday i was pretty excited. I made it for wjmmovieman his page --->

Link  to my Video~…

3) Also im currently working on a couple more readings i'll be done fairly soon as i said in the closing of the vid if you have fav Octavia story or Vinyl ill check it out and see if i can handle it
Alright everypony if ive decided to post a journal you can read.
First things first:
1)thanks you so much to my new Watchers! I love you guys you made me happy all of you.

2)All you guys that keep coming back to look, and even you first timers thanks as well sure i'd like you to watch me im pretty likeable theirs bound to be
something of my work that you'll like so just watch me

3) im not done uploading all of me ponyfied characters pics and poetry
i have about 6+ more left of each but for now alil break

4) im might even place my Roleplay OC ponies and even personal ponyfication

Well thats all everypony so Stay Tuned XD ok