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King Elsa

By Breetroad
King Elsa
Frozen Fanart

I like Queen Elsa,
but also like King Elsa.
Both genders are great. Haha. 

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Will you be doing his other clothing?
Aquafolie's avatar
he looks really good!
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ooooooooooooo, me likey 
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I don't really think you can pass off "Elsa" as a boys' name. Maybe Eli?)
Hattins's avatar
it cant be any worse than a man named susan...
SpiritZodiac's avatar
I never did like that song~shrugs~
sonofhephaestus1's avatar
this guy reminds alot of Octavian from heroes of Olympus but with blonde hair... But nice drawing! 
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King Elsa reminds me a lot of Jack Frost from RotG, but with a tamer hair cut. So, pretty. :D
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This reminds me of Erwin Smith...either way, it looks great! The expression is nice, too.
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Male...female...Elsa is cool! :D

...ok...let loose the tomatoes
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Woaaaaahhhhh, he looks HAWT. Blush Hehehehe, think I'd like the movie better if Elsa were a boy...cuz girls LUV wangsty boys if ya know what I meanwink grin  Yeah...I should stop talking... X)
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I love those eyes, I feel like you caught the emotions of a  yearning frozen heart very well. 
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