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Hiccup/Jack - How I met him

By Breetroad
Hiccup/Jack - How I met him
How To Train Your Dragon x Rise of The Guardians

This comic shows how Hiccup meets Jack at the first time.
(Of course from my imagination)
I like when the both of movies cross over.

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*O* direct me to the nearest how to train ur dragon/rise of the guardians fiction, u have started up that phase again >w< I love it,looks so good *U*

Keep up the good work!!!
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Are you planning to continue this in any format? Or have you continued it? This looks really interesting, also i love how you drew Jack in that 2nd-to-last panel.
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oh g-g-gosh .. more pwease...
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can you make comic 
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Nice style.
I really like the crossover too but I always believed that Hiccup is older than Jack, for some reason xD
The story seems good, there's more of it or it's just this?
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Is there more to this or was it just practice?
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Awesome!~ I love your drawing, keep up the good work!~
deviishangels304179's avatar
thats cool 
is there going to b a next part where he saves him from the lake or sees him get out of the lake
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I ADORE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
aroraCrow's avatar
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<3 continue please!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
ShaiSan's avatar
hinhiiiiiin <3 >v>
AthenaOwl19's avatar
This looks so good! Are there going to be any more?
SizzleclawTheHedgie's avatar
Are you gonna do more for this
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I love your art style so much!! ushally when I find some one as good as you they don't speak English! I know it's weird but I spammed you XD hope you like it! Well you should continue this one little comic/manga cuz its so awesome!!
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Have I said I love your art? No? Well, I do. (I would say I love you, but I don't quite know who you are, so that would be kinda awkward....)

Anyway, Clap Clap Clap 
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Oh.My.Living.Shizpos, freking AMAZING, FABULOS, can't think anything else to say cuz its THAT DAMN BOSS.
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le gasp la U NEED to make more of thisle gasp la
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wow this is goon please make more of this
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