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SandyliciousArt|Professional Digital Artist
Thank you so much for the fav 💋 mean much to me!

all the best
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CaptainXenolove|Hobbyist General Artist
I've been watching you since the 2000's, so looong ago, but I haven't been much active since 2012, and my old account is basically dead. Now I came back to your page with my new one, slowly getting back to art... and I found your page empty. This saddens me quite a lot. But as I will continue to dig deeper into the accounts I used to watch with my first one, I probably find approx 80% of stock accounts having the same fate as yours.

It's really really sad people don't respect others copyrights. While it's okay for me when kids take pictures "found on google" for their school projects and early art attempts, it's horrible when individuals or entire companies make money with others property without asking or sharing the earned money. It's disrespectful, it's against many country's laws and it's just ... urch, disgusting.

I'm sorry this happened to you. I wish I could have helped you back then, but unfortunately there's not much I could have done anyway, I'm afraid...
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jiajenn|Professional Photographer
Used one of your preMade here…
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jiajenn|Professional Photographer
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Splat-ShotEdited |Hobbyist Digital Artist
Used here WartHog and Bird by Splat-Shot Thanks!!!
I acquired your background image many months ago, before storage.
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otisxxx|Professional General Artist

Mo: Howdy my friend! I was cited today for using your picture on Twitter. I wish to apologize as I am an artist on this site as well and it would anger me as well if people used my work. I forget where I got it at but it wasn't here. I wasn't aware that it was copyrighted and so I used it.

Now for the BAD news! I see your image everywhere, alone like you painted it and see it everywhere with sayings placed in at the top. It's dang near everywhere I go. Obviously you are not aware but it is a beautiful piece and many of my other Native friends have adopted it not knowing that they're using copyrighted material.

From now on, if you like, I will tell people that do use it to cease and desist on your behalf if you like. They, like me, mean no harm but it's such a moving piece that it's often used. A'ho is the most popular image with that on top once again. In a way it's good for me in that I always wondered about who the artist of this wonderful painting was and now I know. I'm just sorry that it was found out in this way.

I'll delete it from my image library and be done with it unless you'd approve of the action I suggested. emáčiyapi Grey Wolf
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my image search software is slow, but it works. it will eventually find those violating my copyright, and i'll just do the necessary take down form.
i am aware (sadly) it is at a lot of places, not just first nations sites, many holistic/new age types too (they are the meanest!). everyone should share that
copyright infringement is no joke. 
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