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looks fake to me photoshoped i think, well, looks stretched and edited..
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thats a great one!!!!! :heart:
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You name the place, I'll be the food.
I'd love to take her out on a date. It would be my last date and it would be an amazing ending to a first date. :P
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will you go out with me
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No, sorry. Fucked up. Seek help
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is this a 'thing', some kind of fetish or something? What gender likes this the most? It's disturbing, but if there are lots of people that likes this, it's interesting as a phenomena.
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It's called vorarephilia.
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interesting, doesn't make much sense to get aroused though, cause the womb is already occupied....I guess you know that it is working properly.
Oh my bad, I did not read the text and assumed the stomach was from pregnancy, cannibalism hmm that's weird.
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Ive heard of worse fetishes.
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this shit is sorta weird sorry.... but why do people like this? it's like cannibalism....freaks me the hell out.
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I would take her on a date.
I'd love to take her on a date! :D
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