Inspire Inner Fires - Issue 3

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Inspire Inner Fires is an art collection series focused on featuring art from within the community to help inspire others.

For this issue I wanted to do something similar to my last issue, which is to focus on colors. Instead, of focusing on a variety of colors I thought it would be nice to learn about a specific color. The color I chose for this issue is pink. :horny: �Pink is essentially just a lighter shade of red�and is usually associated with love and romance. The color pink is thought to have a calming affect, which is why many prisons and jails are painted with a hue of pink. It is believed that the pink walls will calm the inmates and keep them from being disruptive. However, new research in psychology has indicated that inmates are only calmed by initial exposure whereas long-term exposure to pink can actually agitate the inmates. As a psychologist, my opinion of this is it is not the color that becomes agitating, but the long-term exposure to captivity that agitates the individual. Despite my feelings on this I am only here to facilitate information on the color pink and feature amazing work that has utilized the color successfully. Thus, let us take a look at all the amazing things you can achieve in your art by using the color pink. :eager:

Pink Project by contraomnes PINK by Yayashin Don't be afraid, monsters by MartaNael Pink Forest. by ArtofTy :thumb302558379:�
pink candy by Victorior�:thumb318698957: Sorceress Imagine FX Cover by MartaNael
Mushroomland by anotherwanderer think pink 3 by RomanticFae Nimhue by OmarDiazArt

Mature Content

Bloom of youth by patriciabrennan
Pink me by ClairObscurArt�:thumb166826156:�
Her Pink World by Lagr Gift Girl by FlexDreams Pink passion by shiny-shadows-Art Tomorrow... by Consuelo-Parra Petal falls by JennLaa
A rose without thorns... by D-e-v-i Veronica by intano Candyland by Juli-SnowWhite

As you can see there are a variety of things you can do just with the color pink! So next time you are working with the same old color palette why not try something new or try using your colors in an exciting new way?!?... Regardless, of how you use color just remember art is about expressing yourself and having fun! So go on get out there and get crazy with color! :horny:

Special thanks to all the artists whose artwork was featured in this issue! :heart:

© 2013 - 2021 breeanns
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Thank you so much for the feature :love: :hug:
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you are very welcome Ana! :huggle:
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Thank you my dear for the feature I'm thrilled to be among such pink lovelies!
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Oh you are so welcome hun! I am glad you like the feature! :huggle:
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Thank you for the feature :hug:
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You're welcome! :hug:
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that thing about prison walls is so interesting!
and great feature too! :clap:
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I agree and thank you :D
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Thank you so much for featuring me! :)
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Aw you're so welcome! :)
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Thanks for for feature!!:huggle:
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You are so very welcome! :tighthug:
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