Black lives Matter

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Second Journal:

I'll be putting petitions and other things you guys can spread around to help the movement!

Please be kind and please be safe during these times

The links are in the description of the video but I will add them into this journal

Here's other ways to help as well:

This site has places where you can donate and other ways to help if you can not donate

Please spread this around

if you don’t have the financial ability to give money right now, this playlist made with YouTube videos that the ad revenues go to black lives matter foundations. run it without an ad blocker on your browser and don’t skip the ads:

Here's some more:

If you know about any more petitions/ places to donate please comment the link to them

I thought it would be easier just to link the pages where it has a lot of places you can donate too








If the links are not working it could be due to the site crashing (Though I'm not 100% sure)


George Floyd:

Raise The Degree:

Arrest All Four:

Raise The Degree:

George Floyd:

George Floyd:

George Floyd:

Get The Officers Charged:

Charge All Four Officers:

Breonna Taylor:

Breonna Taylor:

Ahmaud Arbery:

Ahmaud Arbery:

Pass The Georgia Hate Crime Bill:

Defund MPD:

Life Sentence For Police Brutality:

Life Sentence for Police Brutality:

Regis Korchinski:

Tony McDade:

Joao Pedro:

Julius Jones:

Belly Mujinga:

Willie Simmons:

Hands Up Act:

National Action Against Police Brutality:

Kyjuanzi Harris:

Alejandro Vargas Martinez:

Censorship Of Police Brutality In France:


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Which part of the above is unclear?

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I'm just confused why you commented that..

Because the whites never taught that part in school.

And why did the whites never mention that slavery still exist today with black men human trafficking black women? Whites are always trying to make blacks look better than they are. White bastards!

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okay I get it a lot of white people are horrible people

now can you please stop commenting on this journal it's only meant to spread links and other things to help the blm movement.

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