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Noaptea stau, şi mă întreb, şi mă gândesc,
De ce am nevoie de întuneric ca să strălucesc ?
Mi se pare nefiresc, simt că înnebunesc
Noaptea trece, dimineaţa mă trezesc,
Cu o simplă întrebare, oare cu ce greşesc ?

Soarele răsare, începutul zilei, îcep, încet mă regăsesc
Printre oameni, cei de pe pământul romănesc.
Zâmbesc şi-mi amintesc, de persoana pe care o iubesc.
Sufletesc, simt că-i lipsesc, dar din nou,
Mă gândesc, oare cât mai trăiesc şi de ce o părăsesc ?

Vineri seară, ies pe afară, şi firesc că mă găndesc
Dă-mi să beau, că nu plătesc, 
Îmi iau berea, mă opresc şi apusul îl privesc, 
Te aproprii, eu zâmbesc, în sfârşit te întâlnesc,
Reuşesc să îţi mulţumesc, te iubesc.
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With some little hope I tried to say my words
My mind as always full of imaginary worlds,
In my reality I'm the one who's lonely
Fake fucking friends, surrounded by many, 

Just found out, I'm everybody's enemy
I don't give a fuck if you think i'm faithlessly
Who knows maybe it's my destiny
I'm free in this world full of dependency.

I don't own that so called beauty,
I don't want to be everyone's guard duty,
Depression is on my mind every fucking day
And it never goes away, yelling into dark as if someone's there,
But as always no one cares, could it be, someone there?
Someone there to care?

No, it's just a dream, that's the way it will always be.
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You can now find me on FavWork

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Today we're going to talk about Windows 8 RCs actual name.

Firstly, we shall mention, those aren't facts or rumours.

Back in September, Microsoft released a M3 final build under the name « Windows 8 Developer Preview », not much time ago, the last Beta build under « Windows 8 Consumer Preview ».

Now it's the time for the RC, who's name would be simply as « Windows 8 Release Preview ».

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Microsoft has released a beta version of its Windows 8 Device Center. Designed with the Metro look and feel in mind, Device Center is a desktop application that lets Windows 8 Consumer Preview users control their Microsoft mouse and keyboard settings, combining the existing IntelliPoint and IntelliType software into one application.

Microsoft also revealed it plans to update its Touch Mouse for Windows 8 around the general availability of the new operating system later this year. We tested out Device Center with a Microsoft Touch Mouse and found that two and three finger gestures are limited to the desktop for now. The thumb flicking gesture works in Metro to navigate backwards or forwards, particularly useful for Metro Internet Explorer. You can also scroll vertically or horizontally in any Metro application that supports this functionality. Device Center also lets Windows 8 users remap buttons or assign keyboard keys to particular apps and webpages. Microsoft Device Center beta for the Windows 8 Consumer Preview is ready for download in 32 and 64 bit flavors.…
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More colors for the Start in the next build...

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 23, 2012, 12:38 PM

Windows 8 Consumer Preview has been a big step forward compared to the Developer Preview, also with the introduction of customizable colors and decorative styles to the Start screen . Through a recent leaked screenshots i've note that in the next release seems to have increased significantly the number of colors to choose from .

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I just want to to say :iconthankyou1plz::iconthankyou2plz::iconthankyou3plz::iconthankyou4plz::iconthankyou5plz: to the anonymous deviantart user that gave me a 3 months Premium membership!!
:santa: :santa: :santa: :santa: :santa: :santa: :santa: :santa: :santa:

             I would just like to say Merry Christmas to you all!