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Google Now Suite for XWidget

I'm working on Google Now inspired gadgets for XWidget, and here is my progress so far :)

Download it from XWidget !

Any problems, comments or doubts, feel free to contact me via notes.


Updates :
  • Added Bonus
  • Added News
  • Fixed Search
  • Added AppBar
  • Added Big Weather
  • Updated Icons
  • Fixed backgrounds
© 2013 - 2021 Brebenel-Silviu
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Love it, but if I input multiple rss feeds, how can I change from one feed to another?
I want to continue listening to the music which I've left the last time on Google Now Player. Everytime I turn on laptop, Now Player starts from the very first song in my music library
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Are you going to add any new features soon?
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is the news card working right? It shows blank to me.
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wonderful! Thanks
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Hey, this is beautiful. This is my first xwidget. I'm having trouble loading my google reader feed though. How do I add my reader content?
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Just right click on widget an select RSS Settings :)
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Well, I was looking to export my google reader rss feed(s), but that seems to be impossible. I guess I'll just use gawker.
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Also, is there a way to add a counter to the google apps (gmail, plus)?
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very nice...:#1:
why not show the weather forecast ? I USE Google Now Weather (NO WEATHER MINI) ! ??? HELP
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I'm seeing something similar. "Google Now Weather" is the same size as "Google Now Weather Mini", but with a boulder font...

Hoping to be able to download the bigger version, as well.
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its very beautiful . I used it for a while . Thanks!
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i made a matching calendar for my desk
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how to download buddy im unableto download
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click on what widget you want, for example just click "Google Now Search" and you will have it downloaded.
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can you help to download it
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just click the "Download RAR" button :)
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Been featured here:


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