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I dream of zombies by BreathOfNightmare, journal

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Still alive by BreathOfNightmare, journal

The human body is borderline retarded. "Oh noes! We're sick! Better swell the nasal passages so we can't breath!" Seriously, wtf body?
Starting a mini-series of random shitposts. Today's shitpost: What I learned from watching Naruto. If you love someone, rip out your eyeball and give it to them.
Whelp. According to the new HTTYD3 trailer, light furies are a cannon thing. All you peeps with "light fury" OCs must feel p good right now. Like how real hipsters must have felt just after being hipster became cool. inb4 light furies, y'all.
*dances excitedly* I finally got me a Grem2 XD
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