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The Do-Ka'ael (semi-open species)



This is a semi-open species. You may make your own as long as the design is approved.

Tribe names subject to change.

The Do-Ka'ael (pronounced Doh-kah-ay-el)

A sentient species which inhabits the world of Aethyran. They are proud hunters and warriors with brutal minds and little care for others. Standing anywhere from 4-14 feet tall, they are agile and powerful reptillians with an unending hunger for meat. They are purely carnivorous and will eat anything they can catch and kill. Their alliance with the other intelligent species who share their world is tenuous at best, always dancing along the edge of a knife.

The Do-Ka'ael are reptillian in nature. Powerful, digitigrade legs, beefy arms, and sharp teeth and claws make them deadly hunters. As a society, they are very fond of body modification, such as piercings and tattoos.
They will always have a single horn on their head, usually in the middle of their forehead, and an Aethyr pod in their lower back.
Hair tends to grow in a mohawk-like fashion from their heads and down their neck, but can reach the middle of their back or all the way down their tails. Hair can be styled in any fashion, and some even dye their hair to their tastes.
Markings range from natural to outrageous, depending on the individual and the tendencies of their tribe. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to them, but they are most often optimized for their environment. Their jackal-like ears are incredibly sensitive, and their tails are prehensile when long enough.
Each hand has two long, flexible finger claws, but they have no thumb. They are nonetheless able to grip items with varying degrees of success. Each foot has three toes, with two normal, and one raptor-like claw on the inside of the foot.
Do-Ka'ael blood is bitter and has a faint glow. It may be almost any color, and the muscles will be somewhere within the color spectrum of the blood.
Each Do-Ka'ael has three eyes. Using all three at once yeilds-full color vision, while using only the top pair will allow them to see better in the dark, and using the bottom pair will allow them to see better during the day.

The species is agender. They require no reproductive organs, and indeed do not have any. They possess a cloaca through which bodily functions are performed.

A Do-Ka'ael may choose to produce eggs at any time during their life. When a Do-Ka'ael chooses to produce an egg, a curious process occurs. They will scramble their genetic information at random. The resulting egg can thus hatch with any number of patterns and any Aethyr type. Once it has hatched, it spends several days with its birth tribe, before it is given a right of passage, and allowed to join a tribe. Most often, young members who have passed will join the tribe matching its Aethyr affinity, but some will choose to stay with their tribe of birth. Upon joining a tribe, they are branded with the corresponding tattoo, and taught to hunt for themselves. It is during these initial days in which the poisonous mutation shared by the Lost Tribe may occur. Any pup who shows this mutation will be kicked out and left to fend for itself. If it is lucky, it will happen upon a branch of the Lost Tribe. Pups are born without markings and with only a base tone, which can be white, grey, black, or mottled. As they age, their patterns and final colorations emerge. It can take anywhere from 2-6 years for pups to finish developing their patterns.

It is said that the origin of the species itself can be traced to a singular being.
The Tribes

There are six main tribes of the Do-Ka'ael. Each tribe member bears a symbol tattooed upon their left or right shoulder that represents their allegiance. Tribe symbols developed as a result of groups having strong affinities with different Aethyr types. The Lost tribe is generally shunned by the other 5 tribes.

Inferno Tribe: Members of this tribe most commonly possess fire Aethyr. The members of this tribe tend to be the most aggressive and quick to anger. They make their homes around volcanic activity, and hunt the hotlands around them for sustenance. They trade limited amounts of scavenged scales and horns from their kills to other species, but are far from friendly. This tribe is well-suited to their environment, often having fiery or ashen colors and patterns. Members of this tribe of different colors and Aethyr types are possible, but very uncommon. Many branches of this tribe exist all over the world.

Stone Tribe: The most apathetic tribe. Members of this tribe tend to be physically larger and stronger than members of most other tribes. They enjoy a challenge, and often hold gladiator-type battles in their villages. Stone tribes tend to take root in areas rich in Earth Aethyr, like cavern systems or forests. They will eat anything that moves, and have hardy appetites to meet their size. Stone tribe has the fewest members. This tribe mainly possesses Earth type Aethyr. Their bodies are often well-camouflaged to their surroundings, with earthy or shadowy tones. Their size makes them somewhat cumbersome, so this is necessary for good hunting. This tribe is especially fond of tattoos. They have a deep appreciation for gemstones, and will trade them occassionally.

Deluge Tribe: Members of this tribe have water Aethyr types, and are semi-aquatic. They are powerful swimmers, who hunt ravenously in both fresh and salt water. Deluge tribe branches tend to pop up around any body of water that can support them. Argueably, this tribe is the calmest, which still isn't saying much. Members of the Deluge Tribe tend to be cold and distant. They are often dark on top, with light bellies, to camoflague them from prey when in the water. This tribe probably has some of the greatest color range of all the tribes. They are attracted to shiny things, and often find themselves in possession of treasures and trinkets.

Bolt Tribe: These tribes follow lightning storms. They are entirely nomadic, and their diet follows the other fauna that stormchases. These are the fastest of the Do-Ka'ael, and possess lightning-type Aethyr. When not hunting, these tribe members have very short attention spans. Their favorite activity in downtime is knocking horns with each other to assert dominance. These displays often create sparks, as two Do-Ka'ael charge each other repeatedly, horns clashing until one submits. They are empowered by lightning, so will often wear something metal somewhere on their bodies to encourage lightning strikes. Youths from this tribe often brag about how many times they have been struck. Members of this tribe can be pretty much any color, but are most commonly dusky colors, with splashes of bright.

Cyclone Tribe: Another nomadic tribe. This tribe chases the wind. Their wind-chasing leads them throughout the whole of the land. Members of this tribe are cunning. They will use both strategy and group tactics in order the chase and bring down large prey. They are probably the most social tribe, but only with other Do-Ka'ael. Outsiders are very much unwelcome. They have powerful legs, and tend to attack by leaping and diving with their claws drawn toward the vitals of the prey. They can utilize their wind-type Aethyr to manipulate their trajectory for pinpoint accuracy. The more wind energy present, the greater their ability to use it.

Lost Tribe: The rejects of the Do-Ka'ael. This tribe is shunned by all others. They possess a mutated Aethyr type that is highly corrosive and poisonous. They are stereotypically deceitful, cunning, and sneaky. The fastest tribe after the Bolt Tribe, and possessing the physically smallest members of all the tribes. This tribe is the most colorful. Many members have bone-like patterns on a dark base, but they have also been seen to have obscenely bright colors as well. These unusual colors and patterns serve as a warning to anything around them that they are poisonous. Their teeth dribble with venom capable of inflicting a variety of maladies, which they can coat their claws with for what should be called assassinations. This tribe is statistically more intelligent than any other, and their reputation may or may not be deserved. They will live wherever they are tolerated, and hunt when and if they can. Their relationship with other species could be considered the best, as they know the value of one less enemy at your back.
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