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Iunno. New story/headcannon idea where devils are like parasitic digimon that take over, reformat, and inhabit digital devices. Newer devices will either be completely retroized for use, or a retro-styled app could be forcibly installed. Physical changes to the device and the exact type of graphics that are presented could vary depending on the devil's personal tastes. Kind of like having a Tamagotchi that actively wants your soul. Depending on the devil in your device, Devilization would give you different powers, and ranking up (through defeating other devils through your digital devil or devilization) would grant you access to more powers and greater tiers of devil magic both inside and out of Devilization. Devils themselves have different tiers, which determines their maximum overall potential and level of skill. A minor demon would rarely ever be able to overpower a Duke-level true devil, for example.

Of course, there's no real restrictions on the devils inside the devices, and they have their autonomy. The digital device is merely serving as a physical vessel in the human world. Its up to the devil and the contractee to decide on terms of use. It make access to willing humans much easier, though, as they typically possess devices close to someone harboring strong desires.

Devils can exit and enter devices freely, but run the risk of being discovered by hostiles when physically manifesting without using the device. The device itself is an effective jamming signal and makes it easy to move undetected.

Any transformed device is referred to as a Digital Devil Device.
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