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Raize (Myo Birdfolk)

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Will be adding more to this sheet eventually. I finally got around to designing the birdfolk myo I've been hanging onto XD I'm pretty satisfied.

Name: Raize
Gender: Male
Bio: Very chill and insufferably aloof. Vain and prideful, being especially proud of his horns. He prefers dark, cool places and dislikes prolonged interactions with others. He's exteremly susceptable to flattery, and has a touch of OCD. Prefers to keep his surroundings impeccable, and often obssesses over whether or not he remembered to fix or straighten something before leaving home.

Collects: Shinies of all types. Most fond of opals and various other gems, but gold and silver and the occasional piece of tinfoil will be collected as well.

Accessories: Varies by mood. He usually thinks he's hot stuff with no adornments at all, but can be seen wearing all kinds of jewelry if and when he feels like it.

Village: None/Wanderer
Friends: N/A TBD
Transformations: Persian cat, Unknown, bigger birb form

Akriri/Birdfolk Species © Kel-Del
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