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Do-Ka'ael (1/2 open for adoption)



Kind of a test batch to see if there's any interest at all in these guys. Both have patterns based off real life frogs and salamanders respectively. Adoptees will receive the full res, unwatermarked version, and can request a palette.

There are three relatively straightforward ways to adopt.
You can offer points.
You can draw. (does not need to be fullbody, or even necessarily colored)
You can tell me why you want it/what you like about it in the comments.

You may change the hairstyle and hair color at any time. You can also add tattoos, jewelry, and various accessories. If you'd like to learn about this semi-open species, look here:

Toxic Touch (owned by
Tribe: Lost
Aethyr type: Mutant. Poisonous. Highly corrosive, hallucinogenic properties.
Extra features: venomous bite, toxic claws

Salamander King
Tribe: Inferno
Aethyr type: Fire, control type: skilled manipulator
Extra features: "crown" horn, hook tail
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I'd like to try for toxic touch :)
i would like to have it because I find The species very interesting, and I like the bright colors and contrasting dark markings on the character