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How to draw WEBS for #LEARNUARY! by STUDIOBLINKTWICE How to draw WEBS for #LEARNUARY! :iconstudioblinktwice:STUDIOBLINKTWICE 674 21 sketch page commission example: ravin by calanii sketch page commission example: ravin :iconcalanii:calanii 39 13
Commission Prices
These are base prices, prices vary depending on the subject and design complexity!
> Prices are always changing! <
:bulletwhite: Sketch- full body- - ( $10 )
- +7 extra character
These will be colored in Black/White tones
Example 1
Example 2
Example 3
Example 4 ← ( Partial nude )
Example 5  ← ( Partial nude )
Example 6
:iconemone:Emone 1 9
Commission Price Guide 2018 by Nightrizer Commission Price Guide 2018 :iconnightrizer:Nightrizer 1,106 0 Darby the Grem2 by judifur Darby the Grem2 :iconjudifur:judifur 114 7 Witch's Date by larienne Witch's Date :iconlarienne:larienne 6,785 154 Jarreth by ChimericallyLost Jarreth :iconchimericallylost:ChimericallyLost 19 2 PUT YOUR BODY INTO IT by red-anteater PUT YOUR BODY INTO IT :iconred-anteater:red-anteater 44 14 Kid Sans Oversized Jacket Test by ASSORTEDJELLIES Kid Sans Oversized Jacket Test :iconassortedjellies:ASSORTEDJELLIES 4,968 277 SPAGHETTI SWEATS by ASSORTEDJELLIES SPAGHETTI SWEATS :iconassortedjellies:ASSORTEDJELLIES 4,193 239 mum i love a skeleton by ASSORTEDJELLIES mum i love a skeleton :iconassortedjellies:ASSORTEDJELLIES 6,543 295 heart breaker wip 2 by ASSORTEDJELLIES heart breaker wip 2 :iconassortedjellies:ASSORTEDJELLIES 3,675 85 welp. by ASSORTEDJELLIES welp. :iconassortedjellies:ASSORTEDJELLIES 2,186 51 Wiener tower by ASSORTEDJELLIES Wiener tower :iconassortedjellies:ASSORTEDJELLIES 4,104 204 You're Blue.  That's my attack. by AbsoluteDream You're Blue. That's my attack. :iconabsolutedream:AbsoluteDream 4,268 239



iunno. Some kinda punk lizard/gator/jackal thing?

He's a DJ and occasional bartender that bounces from nightclub to nightclub.

He glows at night. =D
NetNavi: Jet
Dragonshark navi ftw =D

Name: Jet

Base HP: 200

Element: Water (variable)

Buster: Aqua Gatling (base attack of 1 dmg per second button is held down. Can be increased with NaviCust programs.

Buster Charge: Wave Slash (only useable in lock-on mode. Jet dives under the area and moves forward 3 spaces, only his fin showing. If he hits an enemy, he leaps out of the floor and slashes upward into them. Stopped by broken panels unless Airshoes is equipped. Can be stopped by obstacles. 40 base damage.)

Navi Chip: Wave Rider (WaveRder W Fires 3 Widesht, then follows with a buster charge. Each hit does 30 damage. Final charge can be stopped by broken panels/obstacles. WaveRder2 and WaveRdr3 versions of Megachip do 40 and 50 damage respectively.)

NaviCust Programs: BusterMAX, AirShoes, Chip Shuffle, Undershirt, HP +50, Tango

Beginner Chip Folder:

WideSht P x3
WideSht Q x 3
WideSht R x3
Sword  x 3
WideSwrd * x 3
LongSwrd * x3
Cannon A x 3
Cannon B x3
Cannon C x3
Heal 10 * x 3
Heal 20  * x1
Spreader L x2
Spreader M x 2
Spreader N x 2
Vulcan C x 2
Vulcan D x 2
Vulcan E x2
AreaGrab * x 3
Crackout * X3
Roll R x1
Varia Samus
Had to recolor the gun to make the number of colors compatible with my ROM. That's why the gun is black instead of blue. Compatible with Heartgold and Soulsilver ROMs.
Classic Shenron
The OG Shenron from the original Dragon Ball manga cover art. Compatible with Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Made for a ROM.



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am an aspiring artist of about 20 years, mostly self-taught.

I dabble in a lot of different types of art, but I like to keep things clean. (quite OCD). I don't usually put up rough sketches, and most of the things I draw are cleaned up in one way or another. Digital art is fun, and I do quite a lot of it nowadays, (crisp, clean lines. Oh my).

My favorite franchises ever are HTTYD and Lilo and Stitch.


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Chilkad Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2018
Ty4watch by Chilkad  
LeggyKoi Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey there,,, I was wondering if you still owned this guy?
Ghoul ID //closed
(I hate to be pushy but if you are is there anything you'd want if you were willing to get rid of him?)
BreathOfNightmare Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, yeah, I do still own him.

I draw him once in a while, but so far I've made nothing I'm happy enough with to post to deviantart XD Usually just derpy sketches.
LeggyKoi Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Aaaah alrighty!
Just wondering because ever since the species sort of went off-radar 
people either traded them countless times or just couldn't get rid of them.

(I guess I was just trying to get my hands on a few oops)
BreathOfNightmare Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
XD I mean, they're kind of still around? Just... in a new form, I guess? The person who made them still makes a rather similar species from a different account. It's kinda like there are IDs 2.0.
(1 Reply)
Doodlenab Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Thank you so much for the watch!!
J-E-N-0-V-A Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2018
Hhhhhh dude you didn't have tooooo ; o ;
Thank you ♥
BreathOfNightmare Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
:P Np
Deer-CatProductions Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
happy borfday
BreathOfNightmare Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Borf borf! Thanks! XD
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