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New52 Batgirl : :2: :

I love this costume so much, no matter how much pain it gave me to make and to wear.
FYI Icie is a photography god. Thank you so much to my amazing team of helpers too :heart:

:iconbreathless-ness: Costume - made/worn
:iconpireze: Photography/Editing
:iconaramis01::iconzuzumoo::icongonline: Smoke weilders/Cape swishers/Laser pointers

Cowl made by Reevz666 [link]
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That is a GORGEOUS BatGirl cosplay!! Brilliant work!

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This is an amazing shot and I love the details you put into the gloves and the suit! :heart: Do you happen to take commissions or sell older costumes? 
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wow amazing cosplay! where did you get that catsuit? I've been searching all over for one like that for my cosplay! thx : )
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Great work!All of us love your pic very much and it is shared our website "zentaiflickr" because you have a chance to win a free prize if you get the most "likes" from others.
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amazing Babs ^^
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Did you make this suit?
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Yes, I did! Thank you for your very kind comments about the costume on my other submission :)
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So I'm attempting a Batgirl costume for this Halloween and I have to ask about your mask. What is it and where did you find it? it's fantastic.
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It was made by ReevzFX, you can contact him for prices :)
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This so rocks!
Costume just blows ya away:D
That look says somebody gonna get a whupp whupp whuppin :)
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LOL thank you so much!
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Jilll your bat girl is amazingggg *_*
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Excellent work. Great cosplay and the background colors is the icing on the cake. :D
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Thank you very much!!
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Hahahaha thanks Ailee XD
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God the details on this suit get me every time. Very inspiring to actually put effort into my next costume! xD
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Awww bb all your costumes are amazing to me!
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This is amazing!! You're a perfect batgirl!
What material is your suit made out of??
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Thank you very much!
The body suit is pleather and the cape is lycra, all the yellow accessories are pvc :)
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