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New Blog: Faith and Truth
Hey everyone :)  I've started a new website reconciling my journey as a Christian with my enjoyment of cosplay, with other ramblings about what it means to live life. Whether you are Christian, Atheist, or of any other religion I invite you to share on my journey, and to offer insight into your own experiences as well.  The goal of my blog is not to proselytize, but to keep an open heart, ask questions and to seek the Truth. You can find my blog here: Cheers!
A Celebration of Cosplay
I fell into the hobby of cosplaying almost by accident. I've always been a bit of a closest-geek and I decided to give cosplaying a one-time go, but then I was hooked :) Contrary to popular belief, for most cosplayers the hobby is not a means of "becoming someone else" but embracing who they already are. Many cosplay characters whom they deeply admire or who reflect their own personality. One of my goals is to make the conscience choice to always cosplaying for myself, not for attention. We should let the hard work of others inspire us, work together and remember that everything in life is a process. Thank you everyone for your support and
A Celebration of Cosplay!
I fell into the hobby of cosplaying about three years ago, almost by accident. I've always been a bit of a closest-geek and I decided to give cosplaying a one-time go. But then I fell in love :). This hobby of mine has opened up so many unexpected doors. When I began cosplaying, I knew nothing about make-up, hair or wig styling, sewing, working with tools, or even what craft foam was!  I had never felt what it was like to create something - pouring your heart, sweat, and sometimes even blood (pin pricks hurt) into it - and the pride you feel for accomplishing something.  Cosplay has allowed me to become more comfortable with who I am, and me


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Sorry I haven't been on DA in a long time

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Yay your back~
read note Kari
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fallenRazzielHobbyist Writer
Cosplays are great^^
I would like to ask if I can post some on my tumbr, with the link to your page of course ^^
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sure, thanks!  :D Thanks for your encouragement :)
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fallenRazzielHobbyist Writer
My pleasure^^
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AxelHensonHobbyist Artist
You're seriously a teacher? How do your co-workers and students react to the fact you cosplay?