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This blog is going to be updated periodically.  It's basically a journal for details of this world that cannot be found in any of the individual country megablogs.  These things will pertain to the world in general.  Also, if you have any questions, ask them here and we'll turn it into a kind of FAQ.

World Details

Animals and Wild Beasts

Domesticated animals are the same as any normal domesticated animal found on Earth (cats, dogs, horses, chickens, cows, sheep...etc).  However, the wild is populated with much more fantastical animals than that, of all shapes, sizes, and podiatry.  Feel free to design wild animals for mission use, or for random encounters, or anything!  The world is vast and free for the making.  (for pets, please ask first)


Pets come in three types: terrestrial, aquatic, and aerial.  Terrestrial means they are a land mammal; aquatic includes anything that lives in water; aerial are ones that fly.

Excluding Heuma and Heuma Magi, the other three races each have a type they are most compatible with.  Those are:
Aefan » Aerial
Dagou » Terrestrial
Dyndwe » Aquatic (including amphibians and lizards*)

Heuma and Heuma Magi are fine with any type, but do not get along well with larger, older, or wilder/more dangerous species of each type.

Pets can be used in battle!  Using your pet takes up one turn, and has a 50/50 chance of startling the enemy, making them lose their next turn.  HOWEVER, they can only be used against an enemy of the same type.  That means aerial pets can only be used on aerial enemies, aquatic pets can only be used on aquatic enemies, and terrestrial can only be used on terrestrial enemies.  

Maybe not useful for a solo fight, but in a group may be worth it~

*Keep in mind lizards are terrestrial in type, so can only be used against terrestrial enemies.  Amphibians are both - lucky class!  Not laughing at that newt anymore, now are you? :3

Natural Hazards — Places You Cannot Go

The Forbidden Lands are considered a mysterious place that is inhospitable to any of the Goodly Kinds.  Even Spiteful Ones do not go there.  The shore is riddled with sharp rocks, and few who attempt a landing even get to shore.  If they do, they are met with sheer, impassable cliffs, as though the continent were lifted straight up from the ground.  There are rumors and legends of those who have actually reached that land, but no one knows if they are true or merely myth.

On that same note, the north side of that continent is suspected of having the one and only bay that might serve as a decent port - but it is also next to the Undeler, the Drinker of Oceans.  This giant beast has six mouths that rise like gargantuan pillars through the water.  The force of its drinking causes six giant whirlpools in the waters between the Forbidden Lands and Shaif.  They move about, and block any ship's passage into the Forbidden Lands.

East of Wenstir is the Eternal Storm.  It rains forever there, often with typhoons/hurricanes or other sea storms involved.  Few unlucky sailors who have entered have come back.  It is rumored something lives in the storm, but if they mean a beast in the clouds or in the ocean is unclear.  It has been many generations since anyone has ventured that far and returned to tell any sort of tale.

No Man's Land is not forbidden, but it is not a pleasant place to search.  The mountains on either side hem in what can be best described merely as a marshland.  Bogs and the smell of rotting flesh, tar pits, and many other lovely things can be found there, as well as a lot of wild beasts that would love to gnaw on something new.  Bones of dead creatures blot the land and whatever lives there is usually very hostile.  There are no paths through there and no caravans go that way.

An Dufein cannot be reached as of this time.  The country has been silent and isolationist for about one hundred years.  The shores are covered in mists that cannot be penetrated, and ships that attempt to will find themselves back outside again without ever reaching the shore...or some just never return.


Can my character be from xxx country but be from yyy race? (Ex: Be from Wenstir but be of Dyndwe race)
In any application, we take story and reason first and foremost into account.  It is not restricted to be the predominant race from any country; however, it is much easier to justify.  Still, if you really want it, it can be done.  We will try to limit how many apps we accept with this, however.

Can I be a mod?
Mod status means you are in charge of doing actual work for the group.  It's not that enviable of a job, because it means you'll be given tasks such as managing accounts or coming up with event ideas — and then managing that idea.  If you're up for that, though, we'd love to hear from you!  We're looking for folks who can work with us, people we're comfortable with and can trust.

You can see more info about that here.

Where does my character stay?
I'll be getting a ref up for the ship, but there are two quarters below deck, one for the women and one for the men.  It is a common room, but everyone gets their own bed and chest to put their belongings and are free to hang cloths around their bed for privacy if they wish.  Only the captain and his second in command get their own rooms. 8'D

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