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All of the rules, here, in one place, because that is how I roll.  :iconwthsparklesplz:

On Character Creation and Joining the Group

1) Decide your character's race
Choosing your race is an important process, because it determines what powers your character has access to.  Race also affects your character's base statistics.

The races available are:

2) Decide your character's country of origin
Your country determines what weapons are available for your character to learn, and each country has a +5 stat boost in one parameter.  It also gives your character a base society and set of customs that they will have come from.  Most of the time, your race and your country coincide.  However, if you really want to do a different combination, we do allow it to a limited extent.

For the time being, available weapons per character are only those that come from the country of origin.  At later times, we plan on offering secondary weapon specializations in the Item Shop that will allow you to change to any weapon you wish, from any country, but the starter weapons are determined by place of birth.  Keep this in mind.

Andelour = Boomerangs, Clubs, Fists/Knuckles
Central = Bows & Arrows, Poles/Quarterstaff, Throwing Knives
It Imlour = Ropes, Whips, (throwing/light) Spears, Musical Instruments
Shaif = Swords & Shields, Dual Swords, Axes, Maces, Flails
Wenstir = Staffs, Wands, Magic Paraphernalia

3) Decide if your character uses any kind of magic.
Each race has a special power inherent to them, though not everyone can use it.

Aefan = using Languages to control certain types of plants.
Dagou = talking with animals and summoning.
Dyndwe = telepathy and healing via song.
Heuma = sensing impurities in metal and stone.
Heuma magi = various types of magic, including dowsing, inducting, and illusions.

**Please note most types of power require training and a specific weapon type to use~!  Because of that, again, it is highly suggested to read the weebly website about those powers.  There, you'll find all sorts of information about how they work~

You can also check out the countries' detailed information by clicking on their crests!  Listed in same order as above:

4) Draw your character
All references must be full-body.  Please do not avoid drawing body parts by posing them with hands behind their back or cutting off parts unnecessarily.

5) Put your character on the appropriate template
The template chances as to their country of origin~  You can find them here:

6) Create an inventory spreadsheet
If you don't, you won't be able to garner any money or items for missions you undertake.  We check your spreadsheets, but we do not manage them for you.  Be sure to link this in your character's biography information and make them visible to anyone with a link.  More detail in the Inventory journal.

Be sure to add your oc's starter equipment to it! 8)

7) Figure out your oc's battle statistics
You can find all stat information on the stats blog and the weapons and armor progression sheets! Every oc starts at level 1; be sure you're on the right weapon/armor page!  Ask us if you have questions.

8) Write your character's biography
In your character's biography, you need:
Weapon Type: (and level)
Armor Type: (and level)
*Link to your inventory sheet*

Reason for Joining AL:

You can also add in (but not required)

Pet Information:
Other Random Snippets of Information:

Weapon/Armor Types
You are free to use the various weapon/armor type icons.  You can find them in the Equipment Types folder in the Item Shop gallery.  They are also all listed on the Item Shop journal.

If you don't have a subscription, then you won't be able to use them.  Just list them as text, then (ex: "Double Blades Type (level 1)")

Be sure to read the mega-blogs.  Some countries have naming conventions that should be adhered to.

All characters must be 16 years or older.

Traps are allowed, but we still would like to know ahead of time which is the correct gender.  This is because canonically, they will be bunked with the same gender, so Pidj needs to know which room they'll be taking!

Please note that half-breeds are not allowed.  Children do not get conceived between the various races.

List what (if any) magic skills they possess (example, Heuma Magi - dowser!)

Also important: what life skills do they possess?  Do they know how to sail, repair a net, fashion a spear from a whale's bone, sew, whittle?  Hobbies or not, any skill they know can go here!

Don't be OP.  I trust y'all to know that, though. = v =b

Reason for Joining AL
"AL" is the acronym for "Adventurer's League," the name of the mercenary guild run by Pyrnidj.  Everyone joining this group is becoming a member!  Just wanting to travel is fine if you can't come up with a better reason (but please try to come up with something more interesting). 8'D  Pidj is easy to convince.  However, a "bad reason" (wanting revenge, for example) will probably not get you into AL.  Remember what the group is all about! o 7 o)b (If you don't know what it's about, then read Pidj's app.)

Pretty straight-forward.  Try to give them a little depth, and try to avoid over-used cliche words - like "kuudere" or "tsundere" or the like.  They deserve a little more depth than a simple one-word description.  

Start with who their parents were and what their childhood was like, and lead us to their current situation.  Feel free to update this as the rp progresses!

Probably everyone hates rude people or being stolen from.  Try to avoid stating the obvious.

In each country's megablog, there is a note on pets - save for Shaif and Wenstir, where pets typically stay within the "normal animals" range (dogs, cats, horses, cows, oxen etc).  Please note that what pets are allowed is a combination of both race and locality, and must make sense (no riding horses for a Dagou, for example; they don't ride horses).

There is some leeway in this.  If a Heuma grew up in It Imlour, for example, it is perfectly reasonable for them to own a turtle pet.  I doubt someone who grew up in It Imlour, however, would own a horse (simply not practical, since the country floods every year).  However, 'wilder' beasts of every type will be too finicky to bond with someone of a different race.  Thus, the more aggressive and proud birds (falcons/hawks), for example, are restricted to the Aefan.  Larger or more aggressive reptiles are only for the Dyndwe, wilder or more dangerous land-animals to the Dagou.  The Heuma have the disadvantage of not having an animal pet that specifically bonds to them.  However, they are more likely to be accepted by any of the other animal types (so, they are more likely to be accepted by a bird than a Dyndwe would, or by a more wild land animal than an Aefan), though of course less likely than the patron Kind of any type as well.

You must submit a picture of the pet at some point.  It can be a part of your application, drawn with your character, or it can be a separate picture.

Check out some model applications!
Pyrnidj (Pidj) Fyrndall by Oseike BoD Palmer Tellman by Oseike BoD Baed fir Jodun by Oseike

9) Submit a join request with a link to your character
:star: If you don't link to your character's application, we will auto-reject you~

The mods will look at your application and judge it according to:
1) Whether you have everything required filled out
2) Whether or not your story makes sense.  Again, check out the website; it will have a lot of information in it that will influence your character.  Common sense rules apply (but "common sense" as it applies to Na Shatien)
3) Effort.  All applications must be drawn and colored neatly and cleanly.  No sketches allowed.

Art Requirements:
» No mysterious shadows across half the face; I need to be able to see your character.  This is a design ref, not a mood-setter.
» Colors suit the race.
» Character has all the physical attributes of their race (or a reason not to).

On the RPing and Other Such Things

1)  No God-modding.  God-modding is defined as the use of the powers of God the all-present, omniscient, all-powerful being of the world.  In more detail, reading thoughts (Dyndwe, please read this page for rules on your telepathy), knowing things that are not common knowledge or specific to your character's job, using powers that do not exist, being untouchable in a fight, being impossibly strong/fast, and in general just doing things that are not possible and give your character an advantage over others in some way.  Also being able to Solve Any Problem is considered OP (Over-Powered), and really just makes things kinda boring, so try to avoid that Mary Sue/Gary Stu trait as well.  Listen to the other rpers' warnings, both in-character and OOC, and they will probably give you some indication.

Or, you know, use your battle stats.  Those should tell you how powerful you are.

2) No power-play.  That is, no controlling other people's characters.  You can control your character and your character only (and your pet, if you have one).

3)  No killing other characters.  Duh.  There will be plenty of other things to kill, I promise.  8)  Of course, the exception to this is if the other rper wishes to kill off their character; with their consent and prior planning, you are free to do so.  (That said, if someone does so, they will need a new oc 8'C Keep that in mind please).

4)  During RPs, keep OOC comments bracketed with )) or ]] after each sentence.  If no rp is going on, then you don't need to use them.

5) Keep RPs at a PG-15 level.

6) Any mature content, please keep it private.  You may submit such things to our tumblr, if you wish, with the tag #nsfw, but the DA galleries we would like to keep PG-15.

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MyobuKila Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm a little confused! What countrys are there?
Kaorien Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012   Digital Artist
Actually, I've added the crests to this page so you can click on them here as well.
Kaorien Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012   Digital Artist
There's Andelour, Central Kingdom, It Imlour, Shaif, Wenstir available at the moment~ :3 You can read more on them by clicking their country crests or the names in the info box on the front page.
MyobuKila Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! I will do that once I get my hands on the computer. You guys sound really organized! Are u still taking in members?
Kaorien Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012   Digital Artist
:3 Yes, we're re-opening on the 31st actually! So you have plenty of time to make an app while we finish up the revamp. Feel free to ask for app checks and such.
MyobuKila Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is it okay if I use a character which I used in another app for another group? I kinda designed her for that group but I kinda got rejected... So I wanna know If I can use her in the app.
Oseike Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
I don't mind if you use the same design from elsewhere~ Just modify her character so that she's from our world and fits in here. 8) And stick her on our template, of course.
MyobuKila Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh ok! :D
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