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:bulletorange: Race Ref:
Dyndwe - It Imlour Reference by Oseike
:bulletorange: Weapon Types:
Musical Instruments by Oseike Spears by Oseike Whips and Ropes by Oseike
:bulletorange: Powers: Dyndwe can heal using water, have in-race telepathy.  Read below for specifics!

:bulletorange: They have a reputation as being passionate and war-like.
:bulletorange: However, they also have a reputation as being elegant and demure.

* The stereotype is that Dyndwe are a people of extremes.  If they are loud, they are very loud. If they are quiet, they are shy to the point of hardly speaking an audible word. Of course, this is just a stereotype and your character does not have to be anything like this. However, it is said that It Imlour's motto is something like "Go big or go home."


During the Age of the Lost, It Imlour became a series of pocketed armies. They were mainly strike forces whose primary purpose was to hunt the Marukechet that would swarm into the inner seas of It Imlour during flood season.  It was a very bloody time, and many of those groups perished when faced with their adversarial Spiteful One.  However, they slowly established their capitol city, Nim La, which was based on their largest land mass that remained dry year-round.  It became their beacon of safety. Somewhere in that first age, a particular hero who distinguished himself in battle became a leader for the rest, and eventually was crowned as war general. Coordinating the country (and its armies) came soon after. This founded the It Imlouran royal family, and he then founded the various divisions of land and the noble families (at the time, the cities used as war garrisons and the nobles the heads of each fort).

In the Age of Conflict, It Imlour led the strike force against the Shadow. It was from It Imour and the Dyndwe that both the Spear and the Harp came.  After the Shadow War, the Spear was lost, and only the Harp remained — a good thing, no doubt, for It Imlour then quarreled much with the other Kinds, especially over the freedom of the oceans. Had the Spear remained in It Imlour, surely the temptation to use it would have been too great. As it was, it was a bitter many years before Wenstir settled the peace.

In the Age of Progress, It Imlour became known culturally as the music center of the world. Most advances in new composition and interpretation come first and foremost from the land of the Harp. The inner lands were finally (mostly) peaceful, and society grew more complex and hierarchical than before as noble families grew larger and larger. But for the most part, only the occasional poisoning and infighting would happen — a true era of peace for the warful Dyndwe.

Currently, in the Age of the Spiral, It Imlour has fallen further into political intrigue. Rumors of the late king and queen's suspicious death swirl around Queen Mellia, who is as of now still unwed. Without an heir, there have been rumblings of unrest, mainly from people who think Mellia was too young and inexperienced to take the throne to begin with. Some factions have even started to threaten rebellion, wishing her elder cousin to sit on the throne instead of Mellia herself....

The Land

It Imlour is divided up into two main sections: the West and the East. Western It Imlour is sometimes considered an island (though it is quite large for such a classification), and is in essence a giant sand dune with many oases and very intriguing sandstone formations. Eastern It Imlour is made up mostly of flat grassland plains that flood 9 months of the year due to large amounts of seasonal rain, causing a temporary inland sea which makes up 75% of the environment. The other 25% consists of a series of mountainous tropical forest ranges that divide It Imlour from “No Man’s Land” and a few highland areas that remain seasonably dry throughout the year. The tropical forests also house a few famous hot springs. The coastline of Eastern It Imlour is comprised of alternately rocky and sandy shores.  

The entirety of the Eastern half — and arguably, parts of the Western as well — is situated on a massive hot plate which causes the temperatures to be higher here than anywhere else. The surrounding sea temperatures are also higher and home to many tropical forms of sea life.


1) Healing Powers
Dyndwe, if they study and practice, can activate the inner power of water through music.  Doing so gives them the capacity to heal organic and living creatures that have been injured.  This includes poison.  To utilize this power, the healer must have clean, fresh water on hand.  The staler the water, the less healing power it has (save certain special types of water known for their purity, that are also usually stored in specific crystal or glass containers).  The greater the injury, the more water is needed, and after a single use the water must be returned to nature before it can be used again.  
Tradition dictates that water must be in nature for a period of a year before it regains its inner energy once again.  Also note that muddy or unclean water does not work well and its energy will be dull.

2) Telepathy
Their hair, which floats easily on the wind (it is fibrous and very fine, light to the touch) acts as a kind of transmitter and receiver for similar energy wavelengths.  In other words, they can use telepathy.  This ability is heightened when both parties are in the same body of water, where they can hear people as far as five kilometers away; otherwise, their conversations can reach roughly two kilometers.  This ability is like riding a bike, and once you learn it you just know it; there is no "mastering" this skill.  Note that they can only hold conversations with one partner at a time, as in concentrating on a single wavelength blocks out all others.
Dyndwe often use special gels made from fish scales or kelp (there are different types) to hold their hair down and shape it so it doesn't fly everywhere in the wind.  Therefore, don't worry about designing someone with kewpie doll hair.  8'D;

They also have the ability to swim underwater for hours at a time without needing air, thanks to an additional organ next to their lungs that stores compressed air.  It takes roughly an hour of normal breathing (as fast as 35 minutes if all they do is sit and concentrate on deep breaths) to refill that organ.


Houses :: In It Imlour, they are rather large. For the rich, the houses are built from fine limestone and resemble that of temples. The lower classes build their homes mainly from mud bricks supported by wooden frames and flat roofs (with proper drainage pipes).  All are created with large, airy windows and made with air flow in mind.  Because of the area's nature, many houses on the flood plains are built on stilts to avoid ruining their possessions and having to rebuild every year.  However, some people — particularly those who live on the flood plains to the far east, near the tropical forests — tend to build tree-house type buildings.

Food :: Tends to gravitate towards seafood.  This includes crustaceans, shellfish, fish, and aquatic vegetation or aquatic fruit.  Their balmy temperatures make it ideal for many of the tropic fruit types, and their lack of a true winter means fruit can be produced year-round.  However, agriculture cannot happen traditionally due to the floodlands being underwater for 3/4 of the year, so grains or vegetables of the traditional sort are hard to find.  They are replaced with aquatic equivalents.

Clothes :: Clothing in It Imlour is pretty free-flowing. People tend to go with the oceanic theme, with shells as and mother-of-pearl for decoration and because of their nature bikinis and beach wear are popular //slapped.  Capes and cloaks are allowed, but scarves are much more popular.

Female Reference                                                 Male Reference

Leisure :: It Imlour is known as the party capital, as the Dyndwe cannot resist the chance to hold one hell of a celebration.  There are numerous festivals held throughout the year in order to celebrate the many things the Dyndwe believe in.  These include festivals for the rain, harvest, light, etc. People also tend to start their own beach parties and such with lights, music and dancing :iconfabulousplz:  Other popular past times include fishing, drinking competitions ( 8D ), swimming and cooking.

Music :: Partying is a big part of Dyndwe life, and therefore so is music. They have a range of musical instruments and around 90% of the population has some kind of musical talent, be it singing, music production or instrumental skill.  Dancers are common as well think belly-dancing.

Pet Notes:: Aquatic or reptilian/amphibian in nature.  In It Imlour, animals roam pretty much freely, since most are amphibian or reptilian in nature (or are just plain fish) and water is everywhere.  Pets are fairly common.  Giant pets (larger than a shark) are not allowed; dolphins and the like are (...but they're not staying in the ship.  They're going to have to live outside in the ocean haha).  Feel free to ask about any pets you'd like to have.

(Pets can be used in battle - read the pets section for more information!)

Job and Demographics

It Imlour is a pretty laid back country, and while it remains fairly distant from the others, it still (cautiously) opens its arms to many wandering strangers of all different races.  Around 75% of the population is made up of Dyndwe, while 10% is Aefan, 10% Dagou (mostly in the mountains) and 5% Heuma (who typically hate the heat).

Popular Jobs :: Fisherman/woman, farmer, dancer, singer, musician, carpenter, laborer, innkeeper, bartender, miller, mason, stable workers, bailiff, servant, jeweler, shepherd, peasant, priest, pirate, merchant, sailor, nanny, esquire, fortune-teller (lots of con artists =7= ), hunter, bricklayer, storyteller, potter and deckhand.

Specialty jobs :: Doxy, Pimp, tailor, scholar, historian, jester, teacher, clinic sister, herbalist, gravedigger, herald, artist, moneylender, politician and diplomat.

Nobility :: There are a few noble families that rule over different regions of It Imlour in the name of the King/Queen. All included, there are around 20 noble families.  They have control over designated areas and have to send in reports to the capital.
» Twice a year one or two representatives from each family will gather before the Ruler to form ‘The Council’ and discuss matters of state. They will also be summoned in times of crisis as advisors for the Ruler.

Royalty :: The Ruler of It Imlour can be any gender and it is traditionally the eldest child of the current ruler who will become the next King or Queen. The Ruler has absolute power and has the last say on any plans made regarding the country (from as small as building a new Temple, to festivals, to matters regarding warfare). However, they also employ the help of ‘The Council’ to advise them.

Military :: The Military is under direct command of the Ruler. While they tend not to get actively involved in warfare, It Imlour is fully capable of defending its borders if the situation should arise.
» The main forms of military are the Navy, which defends the coast, and the army, which defends the mountain passes.  Both naval and army troops know how to navigate the flood plains effectively.

» Anyone, noble or otherwise, is allowed to join the military; however, only the most highly educated and skilled can climb the ranks.  Given the nobility's edge in the education field, most of the officers are of noble rank.

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