you can buy LOTR art copies from Leewiart site

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a good news!the large copy printed in silk-canvas are in selling in leewiart site.
if you want know more,you can click…
every artwork only be 30 copies,you will get a "xx/30" number and my signature in canvas

if you can not use TaoBao online shop,you may contact with Mr. Steve Yuan with

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You will have to ask Steve in the email the costs etc... I used paypal to pay.   I think my shipping was around $100.   It was shocking how fast it got here in St. Louis from China.  From Beijing to Korea to Alaska to Indiana to MO I think if I remember right... was interesting.

I really loved the prints and the quality of them along with the fact you can get them signed by the artist makes it worth it.

The deviant prints are ok.... but not really awesome.
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ok,i think he can accept paypal~~and thanks their good print.I don't know the print fo DA,but I saw the leewiart's print work,it is truly nice copy from my digital work.
So, I know I'm ignorant and all that, and I'm having troubles translating prices and shipping costs and whatnot.  Can someone help me out?
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the email in it and contact Steve he can help you
@LisIBR you can definitely buy even w/o reading Chinese.  You email Steve and he will take care of it all for you... very nice guy.   You can also use Google Chrome and let it translate the page for you... it is say about 85-90% accurate. 

I have the set on my wall and love them!

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That is great news, they all look amazing!
I didn't manage to get anything because sadly I can't read Chinese... but I would love to purchase your prints (maybe in slightly smaller formats) since I deeply admire your art work and think you can capture Tolkien's world with perfection.
Keep up the excellent work and hopefully one day I will be able to purchase something.
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I echo the cry for an art book.  I have neither the wall space or money to buy as many of your silk prints as I would like to (and my wife would probably not be happy with me getting them anyways), and I just want them all!
I just purchased all 8 in the series from LeeWiArt and I absolutely love the prints.  They are artificial silk on paper with a fabric border.  I am having them framed at Michaels with a black frame and inner matting of black outer matting a silver color.   

The prints once they were ready only took about 3 days to go from China to S. Korea to Alaska to Indiana to St. Louis MO... Weird path but I'm not FedEx.. what FedEx does works well apparently because that is pretty amazing speed.

I was a little worried about sending so much money around the world but everything worked out great and the color and vibrancy of the art work really has to be seen on the prints to be believed.  They are just beautiful.

I wanted a better quality print because I really think that Breathing's talent is amazing.   The deviant prints (I did purchase a few of his prints from this site), are nice quality but not nearly as good as the prints I got from China on the artificial silk.  The colors just jump off the prints and look utterly amazing.

I wanted to do everything I could to support this very skilled and talented artist.   If you have any questions about how to order the prints from Steve at LeeWiArt in Beijing China feel free to contact me.   

I am very pleased with my purchase and look forward to seeing what other talented works come from the creative mind of Breathing!

JJ Hoskins - Troy, MO
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I'm in the US, and I'd love a way to be able to purchase these (and your postcard set) as well!
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hi, i would really really love to buy these. but when i clicked the link, it linked to taobao website.
i think we can only buy from taobao if we are from china and have china bank account.
how about the international buyer? can i buy directly from you? thank you.
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hi, you can try this and communicate the person:Steve Yuan
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AH, I've been waiting for the day I could buy prints of your works! Have you ever thought about making an art book? Because I would love to have all of your stuff!
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